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Dr. Tomas van Dorp
Certified labor law attorney

Specialists areas: Labor law, corporate law

Dr. Tomas van Dorp works in the labor law and company law departments.

He specializes in consulting and representation of private enterprises, public entities (municipal / city administrations, municipal enterprises) and private individuals in respect of labor law, service law and company law.

As a certified labor law attorney, he provides advice on all issues, including works constitution, co-determination, staff representation, outsourcing, collective agreements, demergers and transfers of undertakings. During the decades of his professional career, he conducted almost 6,000 lawsuits so far, including lead cases conducted with uncommon intensity against hundreds of claimants. He represents his clients before the German Federal Labor Court in Erfurt, too.

Dr. van Dorp's consulting on company law questions encompasses contracts, articles of association, meetings, resolutions and terminations. He gathered many years of experience in shareholder disputes ranging from harmonious to highly controversial situations, including such of minority shareholders involved in intricate constructions. He provides his services in this respect also to clients from - without limitation - France, Austria, the Netherlands and the UK.

He has in-depth experience in conciliation proceedings and mediation proceedings, respectively, which are conducted on a confidential and non-public basis and which yielded an extremely high settlement rate.

His contributions are published in books and specialist journals on a regular basis.

Dr. van Dorp studied law in Bonn, Freiburg and Munich and was a research associate at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich. As of 1986, he worked with a prestigious big law firm in Bonn, and later in Munich, before he changed to Schlawien & Kollegen in 1995. He is one of the founding partners of SNP.


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  • Deutscher Anwaltverein e.V. (DAV) (German Association of Attorneys)


  • Türkenstraße 16
    Munich 80333


  • English
  • German

Recognized in The Best Lawyers in Germany 2023 for work in:

  • Labor and Employment Law

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