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Weitz & Luxenberg is one of the premier plaintiff’s lawfirms in the nation. The largest mass tort and personal injury litigation lawfirm in New York, Weitz & Luxenberg is also one of the most successfulfirms nationally, having won over $6.5 billion in verdicts and settlements forclients from all 50 states.

The crowning achievement in the firm’s well-rounded andrespected practice, Weitz & Luxenberg has won acclaim for its pioneeringwork in asbestos litigation. Clients attest to the firm’s reputation ofexcellence and trustworthiness – which it earns through a commitment to bothcutting-edge legal work and old-fashioned principles.

Leaders in Asbestos Litigation

Established in 1986, Weitz & Luxenberg has developed oneof the most successful asbestos litigation practices in the nation. The firmhas fought on the sides of thousands of clients suffering from mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

Weitz & Luxenberg’s attention to these clients is alwaysdispensed on personal, intimate level. The firm’s asbestos lawyers approacheach client’s case with a fresh eye. Their elite legal team is able to walk anew client through the steps they need to take, all while listening to theclient’s needs to determine which direction those steps should point.

This personalized approach is backed up by a powerfullitigation engine. Weitz & Luxenberg’s asbestos practice is larger thanthat of many other firms who specialize in asbestos cases, and the firm’s lawyershold leadership positions on many asbestos bankruptcy trusts, which comprise acombined $30 billion earmarked for compensating victims of asbestos.  

What it boils down to is a firm with dozens of lawyers,locations in three major cities, and one goal: providing exemplary,custom-tailored legal service.

Flourishing LegalPractice

Weitz & Luxenberg’s considerable resources also extendto other major practice areas. The firm has litigation groups to assist clientsharmed by environmental pollutants, defective drugs and medical devices, and negligentacts – including medical malpractice, traumatic injuries, and other accidents. Attorneysin these practice areas have obtained a number of remarkable legal successes forWeitz & Luxenberg’s clients.

Firm History

Weitz & Luxenberg was founded in 1986 by partners PerryWeitz and Arthur Luxenberg. One of their first court victories – a $75 millionverdict for clients exposed to asbestos while working at the Brooklyn Navy Yard– was a historic case that changed the landscape of asbestos litigation.

The firm’s reputation has continued to grow in theinterceding years – as has its access to top-flight resources. Weitz &Luxenberg currently has more than 85 attorneys in their New York, Los Angeles,and Cherry Hill, NJ offices. Weitz & Luxenberg lawyers are sought-afterspeakers for the asbestos bar, and even competing law firms ask Weitz& Luxenberg to handle many of their asbestos-related cases every year.

The firm continues to break ground with their legal worktoday. In a 2011 lung cancer case, Weitz & Luxenberg secured a $22 millionverdict against Goodyear Tire & Rubber on behalf of two smokers who hadbeen exposed to asbestos on the job.

Simply Excellent LegalService

Weitz & Luxenberg is well known for its elite legalwork, but the strength of their commitment to their clients’ goals andcommunities is not to be overlooked.

The firm makes a point of telling clients to express theirgoals and concerns – which the firm then responds to by formulating legal strategiessensitive to those objectives. With those goals in mind, Weitz & Luxenbergis then equipped – perhaps as well as any plaintiff’s litigation law firm inthe nation – to make those goals a reality. 

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