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Phillip Greer


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In 2013, Phillip Greer was promoted from Chief Operating Officer to President of Best Lawyers. CEO and founder Steve Naifeh says, "Phil brings a wonderful energy and vision to the company and I enjoy working with him as he expands Best Lawyers' position as the world leader in legal directories."

Greer is a professional executive with more than 10 years of creative experience in the legal publishing and advertising industry. He is an expert business communicator, operational manager, web developer, business developer, and product and process designer. Greer joined Best Lawyers in 2005 and became COO in 2012. First as COO and now as President, he has managed a company with over fifty employees in offices in South Carolina, Florida, and New York. He oversees relationships with 78,944 lawyers and 18,667 law firms in 70 countries.

He is responsible for the publication of Best Lawyers lists in 80 newspapers and magazines ranging from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to Handelsblatt in Germany and the Australian Financial Review.

"I’ve worn many hats here at Best Lawyers," says Greer, "programmer, engineer, manager, director, and strategist. I enjoy the challenge of managing multi-disciplinary projects and, with the help of a superb team, constantly expanding the scope and the reach of Best Lawyers."

Naifeh adds, "Phil helps attorneys and law firms – from the largest and best law firms to the best solo practitioners in the world – get their messages out clearly, concisely, and accurately."

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Alysa Carmichael joined Best Lawyers in 2012 and became the Director of Finance in 2014. First as Finance Manager, and now as Finance Director, she manages the company’s Finance team, as well as the financial matters for both the writing and art careers of Best Lawyers founder Steven Naifeh.

"Alysa has extraordinary energy, judgment, and wisdom," says Naifeh. "Best Lawyers wouldn’t be as successful as it is and growing as quickly as it is without the many skills that she brings to the management team."

Carmichael is a CPA with more than six years of experience in public and industry accounting. She obtained her Bachelors and Masters of Accounting from the University of Florida. In 2010, she acquired her Certified Public Accountant Certification for the South Carolina Board of Accountancy. But her skills extend far beyond the traditional accounting roles. Throughout her career, she has also served as analyst, project and business development lead, manager, and company spokesperson.

Beyond Finance, she is responsible for much of the daily administration of Best Lawyers, including the company’s 401k Plan and health insurance plan. Over the last year, she has assumed additional business development duties by helping to review contracts and advising management on new product lines, markets, and business strategy.

"I’ve grown so much here at Best Lawyers," says Carmichael. "It is so exciting to evolve with a company. Every day a new and challenging opportunity presents itself, and it is gratifying to rise to the occasion."

Naifeh adds, "Best Lawyers has been the leading peer review directory for 34 years and has more than 50 employees in two states. But it still has the youthful energy that helped us build this industry so many years ago, and that is because we have such a vibrant management team. Alysa has played a crucial and growing role on that team."

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Alysa Carmichael

Director of Finance

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Meredith Hinshaw-Chaney

Director of Publications and Creative Services

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Meredith Hinshaw-Chaney is the Director of Publications and Creative Services at Best Lawyers. Since joining the New York office in 2011, she has focused on bringing important and meaningful stories by and about the lawyers to life. She currently manages the publications and creative services team, which comprises the design, editorial, advertising production, manufacturing, and circulation efforts of more than 7 million print editions annually. She also oversees the creative services team, which produces sales and promotional materials for the company as a whole, and offers strategic business development support for the publications team.

“Since Best Lawyers has added, to its original book, dozens of print publications distributed in some of the world’s prestigious publications, not only throughout the United States but throughout the world,” says CEO Steven Naifeh, “it has been essential to have someone with Meredith’s extensive publishing experience to manage this complex process, and it has resulted in a wide array of informative, elegantly designed, and widely read publications featuring the firms and lawyers listed in Best Lawyers.”

Hinshaw-Chaney began her career in publishing at the Aperture Foundation. Upon graduating from Swarthmore College she became assistant production manager at Interview Magazine, working with renowned editor Ingrid Sischy and publisher Sandra Brant. She attended Columbia University’s School of the Arts, studying writing and graduating with an MFA in 2005. She then joined Macfadden Performing Arts Media, directing the production department and assisting in the launch of the first consumer Pilates magazine, Pilates Style, while overseeing the production of the influential trade publication Dance Magazine, along with its sister titles, Pointe, Dance Spirit, and Dance Teacher.

After taking a hiatus from publishing to raise a family, Hinshaw-Chaney joined Best Lawyers to launch the company’s in-house publications division. "It’s exciting to be at a place where each individual has the opportunity to make important things happen,” says Hinshaw-Chaney. "Everyone has a seat at the table. Whether it’s problem solving, choosing fonts and photography, or figuring out how to reach the best market for our audience, I get to be creative here in ways I never dreamed of – and get stories out to the public in a way I never dreamed possible. I’m lucky to be at a company where talent is fostered, hard work is recognized, and intelligent decision-making rules the day."

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Elizabeth Petit is Managing Editor and Director of Research & Development for Best Lawyers, a position she has held since 2012.

Although Petit considered studying law after graduating from college, and even worked briefly in the legal industry in Houston, her home town, she eventually returned to art history. Petit received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Classical Studies from Tulane University before receiving her Masters of Art in Art History and Non-Profit Management from the University of South Carolina.

It was as an art historian and as a project manager that Petit joined Woodward/White, Inc., the parent company of Best Lawyers, in 2010 to oversee the final research for Van Gogh: The Life, the biography of the great Dutch artist written by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, founders of Best Lawyers and Pulitzer Prize-winning authors of Jackson Pollock: An American Saga. She also serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of South Carolina, where she continues to teach art history to this day.

When Petit completed her work on the Van Gogh biography, she became Director of Research & Development for Best Lawyers. In that capacity, she has drawn on her extraordinary gifts in research and management to oversee the ongoing research that is the core of Best Lawyers and to serve as its Managing Editor. She oversees the Editorial Department, which has largest staff in the company, including both the U.S. and international listings for Best Lawyers and the listings for Best Law Firms.

“Greg Smith and I got to know Elizabeth extremely well as she managed, with extraordinary skill, the vast research that went into our biography of Van Gogh,” says Naifeh. “We are very fortunate that, as Managing Editor, she now brilliantly manages the team of researchers who collect the data for our Best Law Firms and Best Lawyers lists. Her department is the largest in the company, and is responsible for the quality of our lists. Our research is the most widely-respected in the legal profession, and is the heart of what we do as a company.”

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Elizabeth Petit

Managing Editor & Director of Research and Development

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Kristen Greer

Research Manager

Image of Larry Meadows

Larry Meadows

Senior IT Manager

Image of Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan

Media Relations Manager

Image of Cheryl Rucker

Cheryl Rucker

Publications Manager

Image of Josh Rupall

Josh Rupall

Legal Media Specialist and Sales Manager