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Practice Area Overview

The (non-specific) term "construction law" comprises private construction law and public construction law. Private construction law refers to the area of German civil law that deals with work contracts and construction contracts, specifically from the negotiation phase to the conclusion phase and the implementation phase (including final billing). Meanwhile, public construction law refers to the area of German public law that deals with construction projects. Public construction law furthermore distinguishes between building law (German: "Bauordnungsrecht") and construction planning law (German: "Bauplanungsrecht").

The comprehensive knowledge that our construction law consultancy is built on extends beyond the mere core understanding of construction law to understanding the boundaries of construction law to other, closely related law fields:

  • Private construction law: Drafting of construction and developer contracts, presiding over contract negotiations, construction-related legal advice, litigations, contract and change-order management,
  • Public construction law: Legal support during building permit, zoning and other building law mandated proceedings,
  • Public-private partnerships: Legal advice in connection with public/private investment plans for infrastructure projects,
  • Land law: Review and drafting of land purchase agreements,
  • Architectural & engineering law: Contract drafting/negotiations, court representation (specifically receivables and liability claims),
  • Tenancy law: Drafting of residential and commercial lease agreements, procedural implementation of rent increases, evictions incl. litigation involving tenant- landlord disputes,
  • Broker law: Contract drafting, court representation.

Lawyers specializing in construction law should have a thorough knowledge of building codes and regulations as well as related law fields. Add to that a business-oriented mind and a basic understanding of construction project management, from concept to implementation/conclusion and beyond to marketing and management of an object. What will really make them stand out is the ability to offer the kind of legal advice that closes the gaps between different, related law fields under one roof.

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