Whether you’ve lived through the terrifying ordeal of a major personal injury or you’ve watched a loved one become the victim of scary, often tragic accidents, the support and guidance offered by the nation’s top personal injury lawyers are vital to physical, mental and emotional recovery. A first-hand narrative of a car accident with latent medical effects, troubling statistics on nursing home negligence, the consequences of cosmetic procedures from unsafe, unsanitary salons and how one student almost quit law school after becoming a personal injury client make up our contributed content from four writers each with a story to tell.

This publication, which highlights lawyers listed in consumer protection law, legal malpractice law, mass tort litigation / class actions, medical malpractice, personal injury litigation, product liability litigation and professional malpractice law, also includes several thought leadership articles from some of the most accomplished personal injury lawyers in the country.

Frank Branson, a lawyer with five decades of experience and a listing in Best Lawyers since 1987, offers insight and knowledge for other lawyers in the courtroom, sharing his wealth of expertise. Lawrence Buckfire gives an in-depth look at what to do when you or someone you know becomes the victim of a dog-bite, noting that a skilled lawyer will make all the difference in these types of cases. Bobby Saadian gives guidance on what to look for after suffering a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and how best to move forward in the event that legal action should be taken.

We travel around the globe with Michael Winkleman, who advises on the safety measures we should take as we return to cruise ships, airplanes and other countries in our post-pandemic travels. Paul Friedman explains how the advances of medicine and technology, like CT scans and MRIs, are proving useful in the courtroom. From there, Ted Babbitt explains how large cargo trucks and big rigs need some serious changes in safety protocols, especially when sharing the road with other drivers.

Lastly, David Carter explains how black box data—once only used in airplanes—is now standard in all new vehicles, and how the information it can provide to the courts can prove invaluable in car accident cases.

The second installment of the Best Lawyers: Injury & Malpractice Issue honors the contributions of lawyers all across the country who have been by our side to guide us through life’s scariest moments. With advice, tips, suggestions and knowledge from years of experience, we celebrate these lawyers and their vital contributions to victims of catastrophic injury and malpractice. 


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