For legendary Texas trial lawyer Frank Branson, the thrill that comes with standing up, looking jurors in the eye and presenting his client’s case has not diminished during the many jury verdicts and countless major settlements during his career. His toolbox brims with hard-earned experience and skills from time spent in state and federal courts, both in Texas and around the country. Unfortunately, most lawyers starting out today don’t have the same opportunities to hone their craft.

The art of trial law is enhanced by practice, imagination and experience. It’s a pleasure to watch a seasoned trial lawyer, like Branson, in his element. When Branson tries a case, the peanut gallery is usually filled with trial lawyers and judges who come to watch.

Branson has successfully tried cases involving most types of truck and transportation accidents, as well as worksite accidents, commercial airplane crashes, railroad accidents, and multiple product defect cases, including several makes of automobiles and trucks. In recent years, he has successfully tried cases involving substantial business disputes. The firm’s outcomes are regularly memorialized in VerdictSearch, including numerous verdicts that were top verdicts in Texas, as well as in the nation. Since 2007, he’s had six of the largest jury verdicts in Texas.

Reliance on cutting-edge technology is something Branson and his trial team have made part of their routine trial presentations.”

The recent No. 1 product liability verdict in Texas and No. 3 in the nation involved defective seats and seat belts against Toyota. Branson used cutting-edge technology, including 3D prints from CT scan data showing skull fractures suffered by two children and illustrating how impact with the parents’ skulls inside the car caused the fractures. Animation visualized the resulting brain damage. The jury rendered a $242 million dollar verdict on behalf of the family, reduced by the trial judge to $218 million.

Reliance on cutting-edge technology is something Branson and his trial team have made part of their routine trial presentations. For Branson, it helps him tell the story, and today’s jurors have come to expect it. Combining lessons learned from countless experiences in the courtroom, technology and trial science, Branson and his firm remain focused on clients and their causes.