Nancy Lippincott, Director of Content

Nancy Lippincott

Director of Content
Team member since 2017
Current Location
Saratoga Springs, New York
Nancy Lippincott joined Best Lawyers in 2018, following several successful years as an editor and content strategist for lifestyle sites and brands. She was brought into the fold to help the content team write the next chapter of the company as the market’s leading digital enterprise.

Nancy oversees the production of nearly every Best Lawyers product and publication, and has driven many of its more robust, content-focused marketing opportunities. The strategies she has developed with the growing content team and in collaboration with other Best Lawyers groups continue to encourage the clientele to embrace the digital world.

“Best Lawyers started as a book more than 40 years ago, but we have since grown our media offerings as audiences, technologies and marketing strategies changed,” she notes. “Thankfully we have earned the trust of the legal professionals through the years, and they continue to collaborate with us, strengthening their digital footprints and networking opportunities.”

Acknowledging that listings and rankings are still the foundation of Best Lawyers products, Nancy leaned in and uncovered ways to broaden their editorial landscapes with features that spotlight established leaders as well as rising stars and emerging practice areas. Her influence ultimately helped refine Best Lawyers’ editorial strategy, which finely balances prestige and experience with inclusiveness.

Perhaps it is Nancy’s educational background in anthropology that has inspired her editorial vision at Best Lawyers, as she continues to identify critical legal trends and bring out clients’ most impactful stories. Through the power of narrative, the content team helps connect recognized firms and lawyers – which now includes selected associates and newer practitioners – with their desired audiences.

“Best Lawyers recognizes legal professionals for reasons beyond multimillion-dollar resolutions or high-profile verdicts,” Nancy says. “What makes them shine is their tenacity and willingness to be the voice of their client. Telling each story is at the heart of what we do – it is challenging, but also a lot of fun.”
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  • Best Taco Truck: Tacos El Bronco in Sunset Park, Brooklyn
I once designed period costumes for an award-winning short film set in the Bronx in the 1970s.