Larry Meadows, Director of IT and Software Engineering

Larry Meadows

Director of IT and Software Engineering
Team member since 2016
Current Location
St. Augustine, Florida
Larry Meadows was recruited by Best Lawyers in 2016 to lead the Information Technology department. Though it was his entry to the legal and legal services landscapes, Larry leveraged his knowledge from prior experiences in health care, transportation, and logistics to become a change agent at Best Lawyers.

For example, Larry implemented Agile processes to provide greater transparency, predictability and improved communication across the organization. Larry also advocated for standards based Software Engineering practices to allow our systems to be reliable and easy to maintain at scale.

Under Larry’s leadership, the software development team has kept pace with the demand of everyone who uses Best Lawyers as a global resource – from the ranked firms enhancing their profiles to someone who simply needs the guidance of a lawyer.

“I encourage my group to be disruptive in our market space,” Larry says. “I want them to use the latest and greatest technologies and collaborate with vendors who can help us broaden and strengthen our reach.”

Larry refers to his department interchangeably as a team and a family, which he says is reflective of how he feels of the entire Best Lawyers organization.

“I’m heavily invested in the folks who work for me, but I really work for them,” he says. “I'm a proponent of servant leadership. My job is to remove roadblocks from their paths so they can perform as highly as possible.”
  • Best Kaiju: Godzilla
  • Best Food: Tacos
  • Best Band: Radiohead
I started my work life in a trade that is technical, but not IT related. For the first 13 years of my adult life, I worked as a professional automotive technician. I held both ASE (The Society of Automotive Service Excellence) Master Technician and Toyota Master Technician certifications. Knowing that this career path was not known for longevity, I went back to school at night to earn my bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Sciences. The discipline required and the problem-solving skills that I learned working in this trade, translated well into my current IT career.