Phillip Greer, CEO

Phillip Greer

Team member since 2005
Current Location
Augusta, Georgia
Phillip Greer has driven the continual evolution of Best Lawyers since joining in 2005. By tapping into his training as an engineer, he created the company’s first content management system to take the company and its products – as he says – “from analog to digital.”

Phil became president in 2013 and was named CEO in 2018. Through the years he has led international expansion strategies that ensure lawyers around the world receive the recognition they deserve through various Best Lawyers offerings.

“The legal profession serves a critical purpose,” Phil says. “As the leader of a company, I rely on that counsel constantly to help us make business decisions. I have a deep appreciation for the work they do and their professionalism.”

Phil and his teams have solidified the Best Lawyers reputation as market leaders and true innovators. They were the first to embrace a transition to digital platforms, much to the acclaim of the audience and readership. His proudest achievement is in the consistency of the products and the Best Lawyers peer-review methodology.

“We process millions of votes every year,” Phil says. “And the technology we’ve built to scale and maintain the methodology ensures our accuracy and reliability. This is the core of everything we do.”

News outlets from all corners of the world also value the Best Lawyers rankings and content, due in part to Phil’s ability to strengthen relationships with globally renowned partner publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, Handelsblatt in Germany and the Australian Financial Review.

“The law is an often-overlooked universal language that connects everyone,” Phil says. “Every lawyer and firm we recognize has been working to help their client – or their own business – succeed through nearly every plausible situation. Lawyers have become consultants as well as providers of sound legal advice, and their growth continues to parallel that of Best Lawyers.”
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When I’m not working at Best Lawyers you can find me cheering on my children at their many extracurricular activities, from cheerleading to tennis. As a lifelong musician, you can find me performing music with family and friends—most recently writing new music with my daughter. As an enthusiast of the arts, you can find me attending my son’s musical theater and dance productions, secretly hoping to learn a few moves from him along the way!