Josh Rupall, Director of Sales

Josh Rupall

Director of Sales
Team member since 2012
Current Location
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Josh Rupall’s career growth is inexorably tied to Best Lawyers. He joined the organization in 2013 and his enthusiasm for his co-workers is matched only by that of the lawyers and firms who comprise the legal profession. This is why he is the ideal sales director for the global brand.

Josh spearheads the company’s sales initiatives and strategies and has been leading the steadily increasing 14-member sales group since 2017. He believes in the product as much as he does in his team.

“Any success in our space depends on strong relationships, inside our organization and outside,” Josh says. “I enjoy helping to produce Best Lawyers, largely because of the people who comprise the profession.”

Having been immersed in the legal landscape so deeply, Josh has earned the trust of law firms and marketing professionals. Furthermore, he understands and embraces the role that Best Lawyers plays in their business development strategies – from the humble brag of a courtroom victory to attracting talent. His insight and collaborative nature place him side by side with the content and research groups ahead of launching new outlets, products, and services.

Josh reinforced why he is a member of the leadership team by adapting to external disruptions. He viewed the pandemic as an opportunity to bring more clients into the realm of digital marketing and has driven the development of SEO-focused sales initiatives and social media campaigns.

“My goal is to build and cultivate bonds with leaders and that can transcend the marketing placement,” he says. “Our peer-reviewed lawyers are also decision makers and we understand what they find useful. The rapport we establish enables both sides to provide the right information that reflects their expertise in the most sophisticated and attractive way.”
  • Best Dog Breed: Mini Schnauzer
  • Best Soap Opera: EastEnders in the UK
  • Best Book I’ve Read Recently: A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson
I am a huge fan of cooking! Eating fresh, healthy food that tastes good has become a passion of mine and something I really enjoy doing in my spare time.