Alysa Carmichael, CFO

Alysa Carmichael

Team member since 2012
Current Location
Jacksonville, Florida
Alysa Carmichael has a particular respect for the longstanding reputation Best Lawyers has maintained in the legal industry. Having been with Best Lawyers since 2012 and especially since being named CFO in 2021, she wears additional hats at the company.

“I have learned so much from my peers as well as the recognized Best Lawyers,” says Alysa, “from understanding the intricacies of a contract to knowing when to consult outside counsel. It is gratifying to impact the lives of our employees as well as the lawyers on our list and in our audience.”

She obtained her Bachelors and Masters of Accounting from the University of Florida and earned her Certified Public Accountant Certification from the South Carolina Board of Accountancy in 2010.

Now in her second decade as a CPA, Alysa is the one to whom many Best Lawyers staff turn when there is any question regarding finance, human resources and even when they need a spokesperson in the clutch.

Though many of the skills required for those situations were not detailed in any corporate finance textbook or study guide, she has embraced her multifaceted role. Unlike many other finance professionals, Alysa’s professional philosophy is not driven only by numbers. Her insight, knowledge and enthusiasm for the brand’s prestige helped drive integral ownership transfers and acquisitions which ultimately grew the international company.

“Opportunities arose at Best Lawyers to combine my experience and knowledge in finance to reach newer levels and I wanted to see them through,” Alysa says. “I’ve been tapped to help make strategic decisions that extended beyond our bottom line and we have emerged a stronger and more precise organization. To have played a part in these successes is very rewarding.”
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  • Best Chocolate Cake: Biscotti’s
When I’m not working at Best Lawyers you can likely find me on the water. I am a Florida girl and love all things aquatic: boating, SCUBA Diving, fishing, and a lazy beach day. Being in the sun and the sand really helps me disconnect and recharge.