Barry R. Eichen is the founder of Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow & McElroy, LLP. He began his practice representing the underdog. He wins cases others avoid.

An experienced trial attorney with more than 100 cases behind him, Eichen describes one of his first cases involving a young man from his hometown:

“His clothes were dirty, his face was scarred,” Eichen says. “He said someone hit him with a beer bottle at a bar and none of the bouncers helped him. The first attorney, who knew the owner, called him a dirt bag and told him to take $5,000 and go away.”

The jury awarded $400,000, enabling the young man to attend college, law school, and work for the prosecutor’s office. He now runs his own practice.


Eichen has won many multimillion-dollar awards for clients, the largest being $51 million. Eichen’s first “Ford rollover” case resulted in a $10.6 million verdict. His first asbestos-railroad case resulted in a $19.2 million verdict. His first class action settlement was a $30 million recovery. His first obstetrical malpractice case, a $5.5 million recovery.

The firm handles cases arising from life-changing injury or the death of a loved one because of negligence. “The drive to advocate for people who have suffered real injuries is embodied in the firm’s structure,” Eichen says.

Eichen’s partners William Crutchlow and Daryl Zaslow add decades of experience and long track records of multimillion dollar recoveries for their clients to the firm chemistry. 

Crutchlow focuses his practice on medical malpractice, product liability and serious personal injury cases. He has secured numerous multimillion-dollar jury verdicts and settlements, including an $18 million verdict for paralysis following a chemotherapy administration error and a $9.6 million settlement for cerebral palsy. 

Zaslow prides himself on “fastidious” case preparation in his handling of complex cases, including prenatal screening, birth injury, and the delay in the diagnosis of cancer. In 2014, Zaslow earned three of New Jersey’s top 20 plaintiff recoveries. In 2015, Zaslow represented the survivors of Tracy Morgan’s friend James McNair, who was the only person killed in the NJ Turnpike crash that severely injured Morgan. The recovery Mr. Zaslow obtained for his clients in that case received national media attention.  

The firm enjoys the distinct advantage of being able to combine the broad range of experience and skill sets of each attorney into a legal team that is truly stronger than the sum of its parts. This permits aggressive, focused representation that is consistently successful. “The details make all the difference in these cases,” says Zaslow. “And we don’t take shortcuts.” The results speak for themselves.