Tom Girardi has become a legend
 for his courtroom victories, as well as his advocacy for the judiciary and legal profession. His 30-lawyer firm, Girardi|Keese, boasts more members of the illustrious American Board of Trial Advocates than any other firm and his advice is valued as much by injured consumers as it is by national political and business leaders.

“These cases, what my firm and I do every day, is the most important work I know,” says Girardi, who has tallied more than $11 billion in verdicts and settlements. “There is no higher calling than to go to court and represent someone who has been injured, to ensure they are compensated.”

Despite all his success, he still loves nothing more than taking on a corporation that he believes is taking advantage of people. That’s exactly the case with his battle against Dole Food Co. on behalf of 1,000 residents of the Carousel division of Carson, which is heavily polluted by petroleum waste. In July, the Carson City Council declared an environmental emergency because benzene levels 100 times allowable levels were found.

This year Girardi and his partners concluded a seven-year battle with an oil company and developer who built homes over tainted soil. The resolution provides not only a nine-figure payout to the residents, but also removal of the contaminated soils, plus a $150 million soil cleanup. This was about public service and public justice. “We were able to resolve issues that plagued the city for decades.”

“I’ve seen some really bad actors in my time,” says Girardi, whose fame was made as one of the lawyers in Erin Brockovich.
He won $333 million against PG&E for its devastation of Hinkley, California, and its 650 residents, who were poisoned by hexavalent chromium. But this one takes the cake. The residents of Carousel saved every penny they had for these dream homes, 
and now all they have is a nightmare.”

“There is no higher calling than to go to court and represent someone who has been injured, to ensure they are compensated.” - Tom Girardi

As with Dole and other toxic polluters, Girardi specializes in holding accountable large and powerful organizations that deny responsibility while making huge profits.

That was the motivation that fueled his recent lawsuit against Pop Warner Football. “Bob Finnerty and I felt the dangers are far too real not to discuss in a public forum.” Can you imagine, we’re collecting $765 million from the NFL for concussion injuries and not considering the dangers to our children’s brains.

That’s also his motivation in taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers and former owner Frank McCourt for the savage beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow at opening day in 2011. Stow was attacked by two raucous Dodgers fans, fueled by alcohol and marijuana use and a lack of security. McCourt had cut back security and increased alcohol sales, Girardi claims, in the name of profits.

Girardi, Christopher Aumais, and David Lira led the litigation against the Dodgers and former owner Frank McCourt through  bankruptcy court trial. The trial resulted in a $18 million verdict for Stow.

“It’s shameful, really, that the organization that brought us Jackie Robinson is claiming it doesn’t have responsibility to a fan who simply came out to enjoy a day at the ballpark,” says Girardi.