For more than 30 years, Randall H. Scarlett has run one of California’s premiere law firms for matters involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death. Indeed, his firm, Scarlett Law Group, has built a reputation for tackling some of the country’s most devastating injury cases and making a meaningful difference in its clients’ lives. Over its history, the firm has focused primarily on matters involving traumatic brain injuries, achieving numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts ranging from $10.6 million to $49.5 million as well as many seven- and eight-figure settlements.

“We do not take lightly the task of representing people who have sustained traumatic brain injuries—we are dedicated to representing them and making their injuries come alive to the jury so they can understand the terrible consequences of brain injuries and the constant care they require,” Scarlett says. “That’s our passion, and we remain committed to obtaining verdicts or settlements that will make a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives.”

Scarlett notes that the multimillion-dollar verdicts he has achieved for his clients are based entirely on their need and cost of future care, which can be significant for traumatic brain injuries. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenge of caring for these injuries is even more pronounced, as his clients struggle to navigate a disrupted and strained health care system. “My clients never had to seek out treatment before, but now that a catastrophic event has altered their lives, they’re stranded,” Scarlett says. “It’s difficult for them to be seen by physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors or obtain neuropsychological evaluations during these times. Many physicians are practicing virtually, but most of these exams have to be in person and that creates terrible challenges for my clients.”

Currently, Scarlett is handling traumatic brain injury matters throughout the United States, with several cases in California and others pending in Iowa, Arizona, Minnesota, Wyoming and Washington. He also is representing 12 victims and survivors of the 2019 mass shooting that occurred at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. This groundbreaking lawsuit—for which the firm is joined by Brady Legal, an organization dedicated to ending America’s gun violence epidemic—is being brought against the Gilroy Garlic Festival Association and the City of Gilroy as well as a security company for their negligent lack of security and preparedness and Century Arms LLC for marketing and selling the WASR-10 military-style assault rifle used by the shooter. “The people of Gilroy, like all of our clients, deserve justice,” Scarlett says. “They deserve to feel safe in their community.”


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