Coronavirus, civil rights, and the election may have dominated the headlines in 2020, but the family unit bore the brunt of the shockwaves that reverberated from last February on. Family is, after all, where all things begin. And, for better or worse, our family is with whom we release our day-to-day stress. Although the definition of family has evolved significantly over time, its significance in our individual and collective lives remains paramount. 

Whether it’s welcoming new members into the family, dissolving familial bonds that no longer fortify us, or looking out for those most important to us as we plan our exits from this earth, every decision regarding family deserves clarity, and the value of skilled advocacy and legal guidance can’t be overstated.

In this issue, we present an array of first-person stories from individuals who overcame some heavy challenges in their own families. The common takeaway? Effective legal representation provides a guiding light while weathering the storm.

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