NFT chaos, new COVID-19 variants and rising inflation rates globally may have plagued the headlines in 2021, but family still remains at the core of it all. Family is what shapes us into who we are and who we will become. From the concept of “nuclear families” to co-parenting in the modern age, the definition of family is shifting to fit the everchanging world around us.

Whether it’s a case of domestic violence interfering with parental custody, jurisdiction issues when filing for divorce, education of caring and advocating for LGBTQ children or starting a family through outlets like adoption or surrogacy, every decision regarding family deserves clarity. For ourselves and the people we love, be them our parents, partners or children, we entrust expert legal teams to provide us with the best advice and guidance in protecting our families. Family law lawyers see some of the hardest moments in many peoples' lives, but they are also privy to some of the greatest miracles. Adoptions, safe foster care and all the unique situations families are faced with are often the core, lifechanging memories in their lives, and a strong legal presence can make all the difference.

In this issue, we present a wide array of coverage on familial challenges individuals are forced to face on a daily basis. With thought leadership articles by Jim Vedder and Brittney Miller of Moss & Barnett P.A., Joseph Trotti and Joseph Milizio of Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP and several other talented contributors, the overall message remains clear: effective legal representation in regard to ongoing family situations can only stand to help all parties involved find a swift and amicable conclusion.

The 2022 Best Lawyers: Family Law Publication is a celebration of lawyers who have dedicated their careers to ensuring the best for families, and we are honored to feature their excellence in the legal field.


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