For the attorneys of Pribanic & Pribanic, the courtroom is a familiar setting: Over the past four decades, the firm’s personal injury lawyers have done battle with large companies, hospitals, and insurance carriers in cases where the stakes are high and the issues are often cutting-edge.

“I like to say that what differentiates us is our experience and preparation,” says founding member Victor Pribanic. “One of the great strengths of our firm is our trial expertise.”

Over its history, Pribanic & Pribanic has achieved many significant eight-figure results in the areas of product liability and medical negligence. Not only have these results helped to improve the lives of the firm’s injured clients, but they have also led to improvements in medical and product safety.

“We’re proud to be involved in high-impact cases,” says Pribanic. “Historically, trial lawyers have been responsible for making cars, homes, hospitals, and communities safer, and we believe the cases we handle are in that same tradition.”

Among Pribanic’s many victories, he obtained a $103 million verdict in an accounting negligence/fraud suit, a $21 million settlement in a product liability/medical and hospital malpractice case, a $6 million verdict for the family of a young woman who died because of an undiagnosed and untreated brain aneurysm, and a $2.2 million defamation verdict.

“We presume that every case we take is going to be tried, and prepare it accordingly,” says Pribanic of the firm’s success. “That means obtaining the best experts in a given field, and really getting to know the hardships our clients have experienced because of their injuries by spending time with them.”

Joining Pribanic—who focuses primarily on medical malpractice and other serious injury cases—in trying matters are his brothers, Jeffrey and Ernest, who have both become known for their respective work in workers’ compensation law and civil trial law. The constant in the firm’s practice, though, is its ability to represent average people against powerful entities.

“You see in our cases how the safety rules were violated and people’s lives were destroyed,” says Pribanic. “It’s very rewarding to be able to make things right.”