The success of injury law firms can be measured in various ways. It could be quantified by the number of favorable results and total amount of compensation; or one could qualify it through the firm’s influence on the law, its impact on the community as well as by the level of client satisfaction.

Lubin & Meyer is considered New England’s most successful medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury law firm by consistently outperforming all other law firms in each and every one of these areas. While other firms may assert these claims in their advertising, Lubin & Meyer advises to compare actual results when choosing a law firm.

In 2021, Lubin & Meyer once again dominated Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly’s record of the year’s largest verdicts and settlements by securing more than 6 times as many settlements at or above $1,000,000 than any other firm in the Commonwealth.

Through its innovative trial and negotiating strategies, the firm has secured numerous record-setting multi-million-dollar results in both medical malpractice and personal injury cases—results unmatched by any other firm.

“Medical negligence and catastrophic personal injury law are two of the most complex areas of practice,” says founding partner Andrew C Meyer Jr who has been selected to The Best Lawyers in America® every year since 1995 in personal injury litigation - plaintiffs and since 2007 in medical malpractice law - plaintiffs. “This can be a dangerous world, which is why we work so hard to expose and correct problems in our healthcare system and improve unsafe conditions faced by the public.”

Meyer continues, “Litigation is really one of the only ways that patients and consumers can address dangers that exist in medicine or unsafe products with the hope to make them safer for the rest of us.  Our work is to recover appropriate compensation for our clients’ injuries, but we also work to change systemic problems and substandard practices, and that benefits all consumers."

Taking on Complex and Landmark Cases

The firm is known for accepting challenging and high-profile cases — such as those related to “patient dumping,” concurrent (double-booking) surgeries and computer-dosing errors—all taking place at major Boston hospitals. The firm’s work has often led to substantial and landmark results that have set precedents in consumer and injury law.

Earlier this year, the firm negotiated a $14 million settlement on behalf of its client, a wife and mother, who was injured due to a medical laboratory error. This was not a typical medical malpractice case. It required a multidisciplinary trial team to perform an in-depth investigation to gain an understanding of the interactions between providers and the steps in the lab processes.  Lubin & Meyer was able to uncover a pattern of misinformation that had emerged from the lab, which led to the client’s preventable injury.  The firm obtained a $14,000,000 settlement for the client, believed to be a record-setting amount for a lab error in Massachusetts.

“It was very satisfying to achieve this outcome for the client, whose case was resolved in only one year,” Meyer says. “Our expertise allowed us to uncover fact patterns that shed light on the big picture and how it might affect the public. The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If just one doctor or employee relays or acts on misinformation, a patient can suffer life-altering consequences.”

A Voice for the Voiceless

Meyer is not one to mince words about the medical profession. His perspective was featured in a groundbreaking Boston magazine exposé, “The Secret Truth About Boston Doctors,” in which he detailed a medical system in Massachusetts that often, the magazine charged, protects dangerous physicians at the expense of unknowing patients.

“We see a tremendous amount of birth injuries and failure-to-diagnose cancer cases stemming from doctors not acting on the symptoms their patients reported,” he says. “That should signal testing for early detection, and instead physicians write them off to other illnesses. By the time a cancer is discovered, it’s too late. We see very little effort made to protect patients from the kind of harm that traditionally occurs when there is a lack of attention or failure to follow up. Even prior to the pandemic, these sorts of claims were emerging quite prominently and are now unfortunately more commonplace.”

In addition to the five attorneys honored here for their inclusion in the Best Lawyers® list for 2022, Meyer’s team is comprised of accomplished legal leaders who offer a range of expertise that includes nurses, physicians, administrative personnel, computer programmers, an economist and a quality control manager. “Everyone in our office is devoted to securing justice for injury and malpractice victims and contribute to the favorable decisions and outcomes for which we are widely known.”




Justin Smulison is a professional writer who regularly contributes to Best Lawyers. He was previously a reporter for the New York Law Journal and also led content and production for the Custom Projects Group at ALM Media. In addition to his various credited and uncredited writing projects, he has developed global audiences hosting and producing podcasts and audio interviews for professional organizations and music sites.