How do you think firms/companies can develop environments fertile for success?

Firms and companies are statistically more successful when they engage in at least the following practices: (1) invest in their employees, particularly junior employees; (2) invest in creating a diverse work environment by including middle- and high-ranking persons from various backgrounds, thereby tapping into a wellspring of fresh ideas and perspectives; and (3)firms and companies should take the time to foster mentoring communities through which junior employees are empowered to create informal or formal mentor relationships.  

What is one of your proudest moments, inside or outside your career?

My proudest moments have been the work that I have done in giving back to my community by advancing the rights of women via my pro bono work or within my firms. My pro bono work is almost exclusively with organizations working with those affected by domestic violence. In addition, I place enormous value on my work I have done within my firm in advancing its diversity efforts, including mentoring junior female associates or laying the groundwork [that has led] my firm to be one of the founding member firms of the New York chapter of the Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law, a non-profit organization focused primarily on advancing the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women lawyers.

I work in a company with the potential to be one of the great leaders in advancing the careers of many women, and it is important that I continue to use my voice to encourage younger attorneys to find their voices and speak up. Seeing the amount of work that still needs to get done, I am passionate about making sure that, despite how much we have accomplished, we keep the stride going.