How do you think firms/companies can develop environments fertile for success?

First and foremost, hire top talent. Second, train and support your people to be the very best lawyers in their practice area. Third, for firms, implement formal training on effective business development and retention for all junior lawyers. Fourth, encourage and directly reward collaboration and teamwork. Fifth, elect strong, strategic, and compassionate leadership. Last, it is important to foster a collegial and fun work environment so your attorneys and staff enjoy going to work.

What is one of your proudest moments, inside or outside your career?

As a young lawyer, after a two-week trial having a judge read my first jury verdict. I had never worked so hard in my life. The verdict was for my client. The other side was very sympathetic, and we represented a large company, so the challenge was to convince the jurors to set aside sympathy and apply the facts to the law. They did so. I was so proud of the result but also of our jury system. Twenty years later, I still believe it is the best system in the world.

By what standards do you measure success?

There is financial success, of course, but I do not view that as success if you do not also enjoy what you do and create value for others. For me, it is all three. I want to help support my family by doing something I love and hopefully, while doing so, I am having a positive impact on my clients, colleagues, firm, and the overall community in which I practice.