What brought you to your specific practice area?

My father and grandfather were litigators, so I literally grew up surrounded by the law. I first wanted to be a lawyer when I saw my father argue a case in the courtroom—I was captivated by his presentation and his ability to persuade others to his position. When it came time for me to practice law, I found that I enjoyed litigation because it constantly exposed me to new ideas and businesses; it is still so interesting and gratifying to learn what my clients do and help them achieve their goals. I also enjoy the challenge of putting together the puzzle of the defense of a case. My work in employment law gives me the opportunity to teach and counsel my clients on best practices and how to avoid litigation—and this is rewarding as well.

How do you think firms/companies can develop environments fertile for success?

Diversity and attorney support are important elements of developing a fertile environment for success. Since I became chair of the diversity committee at Vedder Price, I am proud to say that we have achieved a great deal in a very short time. We have formed a very successful women’s initiative and a diverse attorneys’ initiative. Attorneys in all offices at the firm are now engaged, and we use the committee programming to provide attorneys with tools to succeed in their practices and better market to clients who are looking for diversity in their outside counsel as well. 

What strategies do you employ to win business?

To win business, I focus on the value I can provide to my clients. I am always looking for ways to enable my clients to succeed and to reach their business goals.