Carlos Álvarez Pereira

Carlos Álvarez Pereira

Álvarez Liévano Laserna S.A.S.

Recognized since 2014

Bogotá, Colombia

Practice Areas

Labor and Employment Law

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Lawyer of the Year Badge - 2017 - Labor and Employment Law Lawyer of the Year Badge - 2015 - Labor and Employment Law
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He has exercised the labour law with exclusivity since 1963 and being head of the labour law department and teacher at Universidad Javeriana for more than 50 years.

He is a member of ANDI (National Association of Businessmen of Colombia) labour committee and has been recognized by ANDI as the most representative and important labour lawyer in Colombia. ACRIP (Colombian association of industrial relationship and HR) has also recognized him for the important contributions to the human resources community and his commitment to labour law and the country.

Contact & Links
  • Carrera 14 No. 94 – 44 Oficina 201 Torre B
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino
  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Derecho Probatorio y Casación
  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Derecho Laboral
Bar Admissions
  • Colombia, Colombia, Member of the directive council of the labour bar association
  • ACRIP (Colombian association of industrial relationship and HR) - Member
  • ANDI (National Association of Businessmen of Colombia) - Member of labour committee.

Lawyer of the Year Badge - 2017 - Labor and Employment Law Lawyer of the Year Badge - 2015 - Labor and Employment Law
Named "Lawyer of the Year" by Best Lawyers® for:
  • Labor and Employment Law, Bogotá, Colombia (2017)
  • Labor and Employment Law, Bogotá, Colombia (2015)
Recognized in The Best Lawyers in Colombia 2024 for work in:
  • Labor and Employment Law

Tell us a little bit about your practice and what makes it unique.

The emotional relationships that I have had with clients of more than 35 years that generate a relationship of trust.

What common questions are you asked by clients, and what are your answers?

Mainly, because of my knowledge and experience, about all the Colombian problems with the courts with the coexistence of unions, the possibility of multi-affiliation and the politicization of the unions that have become huge issues (it is no longer a labor problem but an issue political) to companies.
My answers are different according to the investigation made of each case individually: Where it comes from? whether or not it is politicized? there are several unions? they are multi-affiliation?.

Describe one of your most interesting or memorable cases in the past year.

During collective bargaining in 2018 and due to the phenomenon of multi-affiliation of people to union organizations, it was necessary to ask the labor ministry how the development of said negotiation would be, explaining Ecopetrol's position of negotiating in different spaces, but simultaneously the specifications presented by all the unions that Ecopetrol has.

The client wanted the labor ministry to rule on its interest and was willing to sign a collective agreement with the USO (largest union in the industry) and hoped that the unions agreed with their position. However, other small unions insisted that they would not do so and would be willing to go to an arbitration tribunal to define the differences.

But the legal arguments that were presented by the firm, specifically by Dr Alvarez, in favor of the Ecopetrol thesis were studied and followed by the labor ministry and consequently no courts were summoned for the other small unions that were requesting which forced them to sign what they had already agreed with the others.

What is most challenging about your area(s) of expertise?

Litigate before the supreme court of justice. The people are very complex and the litigation has the judicial component and the human component to whom it is applied legistalive, which is something very dynamic.

Were there any particular inspirations (people or events) that spurred your interest in your practice area(s)?

I liked the whole humanities issue back in school. What made me define myself to work in labor law were the professors during university.

What other interests do you have?

Being a professor, I have been teaching for more than 50 years at Javeriana University

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