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Tommy and Adam Malone are driven by a calling to serve their clients and society as a whole. The goal of Malone Law is to hold wrongdoers accountable and bring relief to victims and their families through recovery of financial assistance necessary to replace lost income and provide for medical care.

Tommy and Adam Malone have represented clients in courtrooms throughout Georgia, often with unprecedented results. Their verdicts and settlements have been among the highest in the state of Georgia. On occasion, the Malone Law office takes on cases outside of Georgia, and in those instances, they have successfully obtained significant verdicts, such as Tommy Malone's $49 million verdict in the State of California.

The Malone Law team of professionals carefully screens each case for merit. Backed by the experience and knowledge of a physician, lawyers and paralegals, Malone Law analyzes all issues in each case, and after thorough investigation, all questionable cases are excluded to ensure that only meritorious claims are pursued. After the careful screening process confirms the validity of the case, the case is filed in court and aggressively pursued by Malone Law for an expeditious resolution.

The firm's commitment to justice includes extensive philanthropic endeavors to advance the common needs of all individuals in Georgia and throughout the country.

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  • Medical Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs
  • Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs
  • Product Liability Litigation - Plaintiffs

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Leadership and Commitment

by Justin Smulison

Malone Law leader and 2016 Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs “Lawyer of the Year” Adam Malone discusses how his success transcends the courtroom and helps strengthen public and legal communities.

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Georgia's Injury and Malpractice Leaders

by Justin Smulison

In 2021, Adam Malone recovered more than $38 million in settlements for catastrophically injured clients, while continuing his leadership roles outside the courtroom to enhance the profession for injury lawyers.


Genuine Leadership

by Justin Smulison

Adam Malone's success leading Malone Law was matched by his contributions to Georgia's COVID-19 Judicial Task Force, which shaped how the state approached legal proceedings during the most disruptive time in modern U.S. history.


The Malone Legacy

by Alicia Lu

Adam Malone continues the legacy of improving lives he and his late father, Tommy Malone, achieved together.


Making a Meaningful Difference for All

by Malone Law

With its focus on injury prevention, Malone Law is working to put itself out of business.

Malone Law Feature Personal Injury

In the News: Georgia

by Best Lawyers

Trinity Hundredmark wins a Moxie Award; Pete Robinson joins King & Spalding; and L. Lin Wood goes against Elon Musk.

Georgia Legal News Headlines

Honoring the Past; Creating a Bright Future

by Justin Smulison

Malone Law has experienced a range of emotions in the past year.

Honoring the Past; Creating a Bright Future

Malone Law's Legacy: Excellence as a Family Tradition

by Tess Congo

Like father, like son—Adam Malone carries on the family tradition of making a difference in the lives of personal injury sufferers.

Georgia Law Firm Malone Law

Rising to the Top

by Best Lawyers

Lawyer of the Year recipient Adam Malone on building a successful trial practice

Malone Law

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