So often, careless corporate practices result in catastrophic injuries. And for the last two decades, Adam Malone has been advocating for injured victims and their families—both by securing compensation for his clients and by helping to correct the careless practices that caused their injuries.

Indeed, Malone Law is, in many ways, working to put itself out of business—even partnering with Atlanta’s Shepherd Center, a not-for-profit hospital specializing in spinal cord and brain injuries, to generate awareness about injury prevention.

“In partnership with Malone Law, Shepherd Center established a proactive approach to prevent injuries,” notes Sarah Batts, executive director of Shepherd Center Foundation. “Today, thousands of children participate and learn how to stay injury free. This impact would not have occurred without the forethought and commitment of Malone Law.”

Malone adds: “If we can put ourselves out of business by preventing careless injuries, that would be the greatest reward I can imagine.”

Given the complexity of his cases, Malone intentionally limits the number of people he agrees to represent. With this level of attention, Malone and his team have recovered more than $35 million in 2018 alone to help make up for the devastating losses his clients have suffered. For example, Malone recently concluded a case for a child injured at birth.

“This was a tragic injury of an innocent child where medical inexperience and two overly confident physicians collided,” Malone recalls. “The saddest thing is that it was entirely preventable.” 

Paige Rohe and her husband, Larry, decided to deliver their first child, Robin, at a nationally renowned teaching hospital. When labor failed to progress, a resident in training assisted by a physician barely out of residency, chose to perform a dangerous mid-pelvis forceps delivery rather than a C-section. As a result, they caused Robin’s shoulder to become trapped in the birth canal. And, after pulling her head too hard, they damaged nerves coming out of her spinal cord. Robin’s left arm is now permanently paralyzed.

Through the firm’s efforts, the hospital ultimately settled for an amount that will make a meaningful difference in Robin’s quality of life. And Paige has since begun conducting patient advocacy work with the Georgia Department of Public Health, state senators, physician specialists, and leading maternal and child health professional associations, to help prevent birth injuries and treat babies who experience them.

“I cannot put into words what it means in my heart, what it means for my daughter, and what it means for my family that we had Adam, Meri, and so many others at Malone Law caring for our present and fighting for our future,” Paige says. “They are so much more than attorneys to us—they are true heroes of ours, and friends.”