Malone Law has experienced a range of emotions in the past year. Despite the bittersweet retirement of its founder, Thomas “Tommy” Malone, name partner and son Adam Malone and his staff have successfully carried on the firm’s proud 50-plus-year tradition of excellence by providing the best possible representation for injured Georgians and their families.

Tommy enjoyed a half-century-long reputation as a pioneering plaintiff’s injury lawyer in Georgia. He retired in 2016 due to a terminal cancer diagnosis, which marked a critical point for the firm—one that Adam recalled ultimately strengthened the bond between the remaining lawyers and staff. “We were all working as hard as possible before Dad’s sudden retirement, but like so many we have the privilege of serving, when unexpected tragedy strikes, you dig deep and rise to the occasion,” says Adam. “We have carried on his legacy of success and the tradition of excellence we started together. He continues to inspire us daily, and his legendary contributions are carried into everything we do.”

And so the firm persevered. Malone Law Office’s members channeled their renewed energy into their casework and even more into their devotion to their clients as if they were also part of the Malone family. Indeed, the relationship Malone Law has with their clients is as strong as a family bond.

Client Lori Sutton, mother of Tucker Sutton, explains this even better. “After Tucker was born and we learned his brain damage would have been completely prevented had his delivery team followed the medical standards, we were so thankful we found Adam and Tommy Malone. They treated us like family and understood the challenges we were facing with Tucker. They fought for our mighty Tucker and gave him a voice at trial. Now Tucker has the resources he needs not only to survive, but thrive under the circumstances.”

This year, as in all previous years, Adam and his team successfully concluded cases for clients who suffered devastating brain injuries, amputations, paralysis, and other permanent life-changing tragedies.

One such settlement arose out of a situation involving a 46-year-old husband and father of four that left him locked-in, a condition that left him completely paralyzed, unable to move anything but able to feel everything. This tragic outcome was needless and entirely preventable with appropriate standard medical treatment. He drove himself and walked into the emergency department at a local hospital where he was evaluated and admitted for dehydration. The hospital carelessly raised his electrolyte and sodium levels to dangerously high levels, which permanently and profoundly injured his brain. The hospital encouraged the family to discontinue life support saying there was no hope, but as his daughter sang to him to say goodbye, he moved his eye in an attempt to communicate.

“I was extremely moved by his daughter’s actions. That was a constant source of inspiration during the two years we handled the suit,” says Malone, who was named the 2016 Best Lawyers® “Lawyer of the Year” for Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs in Atlanta. “We resolved the case at a recent mediation, and the settlement will provide sufficient compensation to make a difference in the quality of his life.”

Adam added that the client is slowly recovering with therapy provided by the settlement and regaining some of his motor functions.

Another of the firm’s major recent settlements revolved around a tractor-trailer collision, which was filed in federal court. Malone’s client was parked in traffic when a tractor-trailer ran into her minivan, crushing her between another tractor-trailer. She suffered devastating orthopedic injuries, a leg fracture, and a broken face, and now walks with a cane.

“Our client was completely innocent and obeying the law, but the proceedings were complex. We filed this suit in federal court because the defendant trucking company was from another state,” says Malone. “We worked hard to secure a favorable settlement because our client sustained serious life-long injuries. Just as important, we were mindful of the long-term consequences of this truck wreck. Our client will no longer be able to find work in her field, and it was important to secure her maximum compensation.”

These successes mark the start of a new chapter in the firm’s long history, says Malone, who adds that he feels confident and optimistic about its future.

“We’ve cleared the biggest hurdle, and we’ve kept the familial atmosphere we’re known for,” he says. “Malone Law will proudly continue the mission set forth by its pioneering founder: to make a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives.”