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Levy Konigsberg was founded in 1985.  The firm’s primary areas of specialty are asbestos litigation, with an emphasis on mesothelioma cases; lead poisoning cases; and whistleblower cases involving fraud perpetrated on the government and financial markets.  The firm also handles a wide variety of other cases in which people are injured by negligent conduct and dangerous products.   

Levy Konigsberg represents clients nationwide and consists of award-winning attorneys who have consistently won ground-breaking jury verdicts and settlements.  Levy Konigsberg is proud to have obtained more than $1 billion dollars in settlements and jury verdicts for the firm’s clients.  Levy Konigsberg is recognized nationally as a leader in representing plaintiffs and, in 2013, the firm was selected by Best Lawyers as the #1 firm in the United States in the area of “Plaintiff’s Product Liability”.

Mesothelioma and Asbestos Litigation

Levy Konigsberg is a pioneer and leader in  asbestos litigation and has always focused primarily on representing clients with mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos exposure.  The firm was one of the first firms to file mesothelioma cases on the East coast.  Stanley Levy, who remains Of Counsel to the firm, helped shape the asbestos litigation which has continued to this day.  Levy Konigsberg combines the knowledge and experience of three generations of asbestos attorneys, with each generation building on each other’s accomplishments for the firm’s clients.  The firm forms close bonds with its clients and gives personal attention to each individual case. 

Levy Konigsberg is known for obtaining landmark jury verdicts and settlements in mesothelioma cases involving a wide range of asbestos exposure, including serviceman and tradesman directly exposed to asbestos as well as their wives and family members who were exposed from contaminated work clothing.  The firm is willing to take on -- and go all the way to trial in -- cases involving previously undiscovered or lesser-known exposures to asbestos.  The firm also has a long tradition of giving back to support mesothelioma research and charities.  The firm has donated over $1 million to mesothelioma research and patient services.  Money donated by LK has been used to support research grants for mesothelioma, including one that contributed to a ground-breaking mesothelioma paper that may help doctors detect mesothelioma at earlier stages.

Lead Poisoning Cases

Levy Konigsberg is also a leader in lead poisoning cases.  The firm represents children who have suffered severe injuries from lead poisoning.  The firm has obtained over $100 million dollars through settlements and jury verdicts for children who were exposed to lead paint in homes.  Levy Konigsberg has been a leader in creating positive development in the law that benefit lead-poisoned children and their rights to bring lawsuits and recover various categories of money damages.  The firm is also a leader in representing children exposed to lead through contaminated drinking water.  The firm is taking a lead role in representing children who were lead poisoned as the result of the lead-tainted water in Flint, Michigan.

Pharmaceutical Law

LK represents large numbers of plaintiffs in cases involving injuries from dangerous pharmaceutical products and medical devices. LK has the resources and expertise to take on these highly complex cases.Learn more about our pharmaceutical law practice. 

Sexual Abuse

LK represents and seeks justice for individuals who have experienced sexual abuse. New laws in New York, New Jersey, and other states, have provided survivors of abuse the right to bring lawsuits against individuals and institutions even when the abuse took place many decades ago.Learn more about our sexual abuse law practice.

Representing Whistleblowers – Qui Tam Cases

Levy Konigsberg is also a leading law firm in representing whistleblowers in cases also known as “qui tam” or “False Claims Act” cases.  In these cases, conscientious whistleblowers contact Levy Konigsberg with inside knowledge of a fraud that has been perpetrated by various entities against the government or financial markets.  Levy Konigsberg represents the whistleblower in an action which is brought to the attention of federal prosecutors and/or enforcement agencies.  In one case handled by Levy Konigsberg, the federal government was able to recover $70 million dollars as a result of Medicaid fraud committed by the City of New York.  The firm’s whistleblower client was awarded millions of dollars as the result of this successful case.  Levy Konigsberg represents whistleblowers in a wide variety of matters including:  False Claims Act Violations, Securities Fraud, Commodities Fraud and Tax Fraud.

Complex Personal Injury Cases

 Levy Konigsberg represents clients in a wide variety of other cases involving serious personal injury.  The firm is able to handle high-value cases that may be too complex for other firms that lack the resources of Levy Konigsberg.  The firm has successfully handled medical malpractice and construction accident cases resulting in serious injuries or death.

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Levy Konigsberg offers a free consultation and will give you answers to any questions that you have, while showing compassion for your situation.   

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  • Top Listed in New York in Product Liability Litigation - Plaintiffs with 5 lawyers


  • 2013 Law Firm of the Year in Plaintiff's Product Liability Litigation

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