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Largo Augusto, Eight
Milan 20122
39 02 30 31 11

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LABLAW is an award winning Italian labour and employment law boutique with 80 professionals based in Milan, Rome, Naples, Bologna, Genoa, Padua, Bari and Pescara.  

LABLAW knows that labour and employment law issues do not just occur from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.   

They can happen any day - at any time - day or night.  

The LABLAW team is available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year to assist HR professionals, executives, and recruitment agencies with labour and employment law matters such as trade union negotiations, industrial relations, reorganizations, downsizings projects, dismissals, employment contracts, stock option schemes, benefits, health and safety in the workplace as well as employment related litigation.      

Many of LABLAW’s partners have been regularly recognized over the years, for their work in the fields of labour and employment law, by leading independent research directories such as Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, Who’s Who Legal, Expert Guides, Best of the Best, LegalCommunity, and TopLegal. 

LABLAW anchors its strength on its team professionals – a team which has made LABLAW an award winning law firm.

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Founding Partner
Founding Partner

About Our Clients

Today LABLAW counts among its clientele many national and international businesses from diverse sectors such as:
•Banking and Finance
•Employment, Recruiting, Search and Selectio
•Fashion and Luxury
•Food and Drink
• Information Technology
•Metal and Steel Works
•Outsourcing and Contracting
•Ship Building and Plant Engineering
•Travel and Tourism


FRANCESCO ROTONDI - Founding Partner
• Collective Dismissals • Humanitarian Protections • Industrial Relations • Litigation • Transfer of Undertakings
Tel. +39 02 30 311 331
LUCA FAILLA - Founding Partner
• Dismissals • Employment tribunals • Pension Schemes • Redundancy • Trade Union Negotiations
Tel. +39 02 30 311 321

Firm Practice Areas

  • Labor and Employment Law

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Bologna, Italy

Via Santa Margherita, 2

Bologna 40123


39 51 23 48 83

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Milan, Italy

Largo Augusto, Eight

Milan 20122


39 02 30 31 11

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Rome, Italy

Via Delle Tre Madonne n. 8

Rome 00197


39 06 32 84 41

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Naples, Italy

Via dei Mille n.16

Naples 80132


39 081 19 70 961

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Genoa, Italy

Via Fiasella, 3/17

Genoa 16121


39 10 58 72 78

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Padua, Italy

Piazza Alcide De Gasperi, 47

Padua 35131


39 49 66 17 46

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Bari, Italy

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 30

Bari 70122


39 883 403772

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Pescara, Italy

Strada Comunale Piana 3

Pescara 65129


39 085 54024

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