After being injured in a car accident or suffering other injuries caused by someone else's negligence, we assume our health care providers and lawyers will document our information accurately. But, we don't think about our own responsibility to document our injuries, though doing it could prove to be the tipping point to a victory over the insurance company, resulting in more compensation for injuries and damages.

The probable advantages of writing in a diary every day overcome the expended time, energy, and discipline it takes to keep it up because you can track, recall, and report critical bits of information.

With the help of a daily diary, you can track everyday treatment, symptoms, evolution, sudden outbreaks, and relapses.

You can prove the visits you made to the doctor, therapist, personal injury lawyer, and track the mileage for possible reimbursement. An injury journal is a good defense against false, missing, or lost information. You can rely on it to recall and present the details of your injury and case despite the passage of time.

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