How Much Does A Real Estate Attorney Cost?

The cost of hiring a real estate attorney depends upon the real estate matter that you have. For example, if you have a real estate contract that winds up in a dispute will require a fee which will different if you need a real estate attorney to help you purchase or sell property.

The amount of this rate generally depends on :

The experience of the real estate attorney and the type of matter that you have. 

Again, if you need a quit claim done for a residential property that you own, the cost involved will be different from specifically enforcing a provision found in a real estate contract. Complex legal issues concerning real estate, and fees are generally commensurate with the time and skill required to handle such matters.  

Is the most expensive lawyer also the best?

The best real estate attorney for your case depends upon your matter Usually, the more experienced real estate attorney is more expensive because of the skills that the real estate attorney has acquired over the years.

Further, specialized lawyers may charge higher  rates because they have the expertise in a particular  practice area. In Florida, real estate attorneys, who specialize in real estate, are typically members of the Real Property, Probate & Trust section of the Florida Bar and of the Attorney’s Tittle Insurance Fund.

How to then Choose a Real Estate Lawyer?

First and foremost in selecting a real estate attorney you should look at  their experience and background. How many years have they been practicing? What law school did they attend. How were they trained? How many times have they handled a specific matter?  What is their success rate?  How many times have they confronted the same or similar set of facts? How you’re your situation differ? What happens when the attorney is unavailable? Who covers for them? Will they give you their cell number? Did you look at their discipline rating with the applicable Bar Association. In my case the Florida Bar. How are they rated on AVVO and Martindale Hubble?

What does the written fee agreement say about fees.

Is it fixed, flat fee or contingent on an event? Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all is finding a real estate attorney with whom you feel comfortable and establish a positive rapport.    

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