After breaking barriers as the first woman Assistant State’s Attorney for the Connecticut Superior Court, leading the changes in family practice which provided for automatic orders upon the filing of dissolution or custody complaints, and retiring from one career to begin a new one as a Family Law attorney, it is evident why Judge Anne C. Dranginis was nominated by her peers and named “Lawyer of the Year” by Best Lawyers for Appellate Practice in 2021.

Dranginis was also recognized in The Best Lawyers in America for work in Family Law which includes her emphasis has been on mediation and arbitration, trial strategy, and high-end matrimonial matters.

“It has been my honor to represent parties in a high-interest family matter, with discretion,” said Dranginis. “It is continually rewarding to meet people from all walks of life, and endeavor to assist them through a difficult transition, whether in mediation, or litigation.” As a leader in Family Law, Dranginis’ strengths which make her a great attorney are numerous. Her attention to detail, professionalism, and care for clients’ aspirations are key to her success. “A great mediator listens, as does a litigator,” said Dranginis. “Marshalling the facts, and understanding nuance is key. To adequately address the issues presented in any case, one must not only listen, but then verify claims with as many objective pieces of evidence available. Knowing what evidence one actually can use, and how to use it, is important as much in the settlement of a case, or in mediation, as it is in litigation."

“As a young Assistant State’s Attorney, I prosecuted a 13-week murder case, State v. Asherman. It was a circumstantial case, which required connecting small pieces of evidence, like a web, to capture a verdict. All cases require the command of the evidence, to draw the picture, to convince and to bring diverse responses together for a resolution. It is thoroughly fascinating to build a case, or to challenge what is being presented in mediation, to come to a result.”

Being accustomed to finding creative solutions to challenges has benefited Dranginis recently, with obstacles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Working from home, and trying at my age to be facile enough to do so, has given me many light moments in this dark time,” remarked Dranginis. “There is always the need for comic relief, especially if it is shared and enjoyed with colleagues. Our firm has great leadership, and we have weathered this storm successfully so far, and I expect wonderful things in the future. The practice of law has been affected by the pandemic, and we can be more flexible because of it. We have stayed true to our ethical responsibilities and to our dedication to our clients. And there is light on the horizon.”