When Benedict Morelli received the call asking if he would represent comedian Tracy Morgan in a suit against Walmart, he knew he was in for a fight. Mr. Morelli had that same feeling when the parents of Zynae Green, a now seven-year-old girl who was electrocuted at an MGM resort in Maryland, turned to him seeking justice for their daughter. The same when tennis sensation Genie Bouchard tapped him for her suit against the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and for the hundreds of victims in the 2015 Amtrak derailment who depended on Mr. Morelli to help secure a $265-million settlement, one of the largest ever for a train derailment.

But that’s exactly why victims come to Mr. Morelli. With decades of experience, billions of dollars in results, and a special talent for jury trials, Mr. Morelli is known as the attorney who can get it done, no matter the case or adversary.  

“I built my career by taking powerful companies head on,” he shared. “You can’t let your adversaries’ size or resources intimidate you. I don’t operate that way.”

The list of Fortune 1000 companies he has successfully litigated against includes like Walmart, MGM, Bank of America, and Pfizer, among others.

"You can't let your adversaries' size or resources intimidate you."

But not all of his cases are high-profile or involve household-name companies. Over his career, Mr. Morelli's secured justice for construction workers injured on the job, residents who are victim to unsafe living conditions, individuals involved in motor-vehicle accidents, and much more.

“While we’ve represented celebrities like Tracy and Genie, our firm will fight for anyone who’s been the victim of negligence or malfeasance,” said Mr. Morelli. “Holding companies and wrongdoers accountable is what we’re interested in.”

And hold them accountable he has. Notable results include:

  • $95M verdict against Aaron’s Inc. in what was the largest single-plaintiff sexual harassment verdict ever
  • $62M verdict for a construction worker who suffered a brain injury after falling from a roof
  • $41M verdict in a wrongful death case involving a misdiagnosis of a woman’s ectopic pregnancy

“Our results tell our story,” said Mr. Morelli. "We do what it takes to deliver the best possible outcome, because we know that victims and their families depend on that financial support to move on with their lives. We take that responsibility seriously."