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Civil law is the branch of private law which regulates personal or property relations between natural persons and legal persons in their private sphere, on the basis of the attribution of legal capacity (or personality) and ability to act. That is why the Civil Law regulates essentially the most general and everyday relationships of life of people, people considering themselves as subjects of law.

In addition, civil law, as a system of legal institutions, is the central branch of private law and the backbone of public law, as their project concepts and institutions with greater or lesser intensity in all branches of law.

Therefore when facing a problem such as, for example, personal issues, Obligations and Contracts, non-contractual liability, rights in rem, you must have an extensive knowledge of Spanish civil law and numerous other Spanish laws that, depending on the particular application case is necessary. Thus, although it is known the importance of civil law by the size of basic text where civil law is contained, the Civil Code, much of its content is also found in a number of special laws (law of civil registration, mortgage law, horizontal property law, law of urban leases, etc.).

It is also necessary to consider the special law, which in Spain is understood that the set of legal systems of private law apply in some Autonomous Communities, coexisting with the national Civil Code, such as the statutory law of Aragon, Cataluña, Navarra, Basque Country, and Galicia.

Finally, we must also know the "Community civil law" or "Community private law" that is private law or civil law from the European Union and which stems from regulations, directives, or judgments of the European Union and which directly affects the Spanish Civil law, either state, autonomous, or special leasehold.

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