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Capital markets are the financial markets for the issuance and trading of medium to long-term equity and debt instruments such as bonds and stock. The markets are divided into the so-called primary markets where new stock and/or bonds are issued and sold to investors, and the secondary markets where existing securities are traded.

Market participants include companies as well as public entities and authorities, e.g. federal and national states but also municipalities. While private entities issue both new shares, i.e. participations in the company, and debt instruments like bonds to raise money, public entities only issue bonds. The markets are therefore also divided between stock and bond markets.

Although there is no time limit for trading in the secondary markets, the typical investment period for which money is provided is longer than one year. The capital markets are vital to national and global economies to channel savings and bring together investors – both private and institutional – and those entities being in need of money.

Capital Markets Law includes all kinds of legal services from advice and contractual documentation to disputes in connection with or arising from the issuance of or trading in financial markets instruments. To name but a few, the activities of a capital markets lawyer range from drafting bond conditions and prospectuses, application and admission to stock exchanges, dealing with supervising authorities, to litigation with respect to prospectus liability, liability due to incorrect ad hoc announcements or insider dealing, including class actions arising in that context. 

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