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 Rosen Sunshine provides clients with strategic, practical, and cost effective advice and representation in all types of health law matters.

Our Clients Include

Health professionals

Healthcare clinics, facilities, owners & staff

Healthcare organizations and associations

Healthcare agencies and institutions

Regulatory bodies

Other professionals and individuals


Professional Regulation and Discipline

We help health professional clients facing college investigations, complaints, discipline, quality assurance, fitness to practice and registration proceedings, as well as in appeals or reviews of regulatory decisions.

We serve as independent legal counsel for college discipline committees and other tribunals. We train college and other regulators’ staff and committee  members, to assist them in conducting fair investigations and hearings.

Hospital Privileges Challenges

We represent professional staff in disputes with hospitals and hospital administrators.

 Opinions and Advice

We provide opinions and advice to individuals, businesses and associations. This includes advising on new ventures in health care, regulatory matters, health care billing issues, contracts and agreements, employment matters etc.

 Privacy Law

We assist healthcare clinics, facilities and professionals to develop policies and procedures that comply with privacy laws.

We conduct privacy impact analyses and audits, and provide training to help custodians comply with their privacy obligations.

We help manage privacy breaches and complaints.

Independent Health Facilities and Out of Hospital Premises

We prepare clients for, and support them during, inspections and audits of independent health facilities and other clinics and health centres.

Billing Issues and Audits

We help all health professionals and clinic owners  respond to inquiries and contest refusals of payment by OHIP or other health insurance providers.

Healthcare Businesses and Ventures

We assist healthcare providers and businesses to navigate the laws respecting delivery of healthcare, including those related to charging patients directly for uninsured services, advertising of healthcare services, and arrangements among healthcare providers and  businesses.

Consent, Capacity and Mental Health Law

We advise individuals and families with respect to consent, capacity and mental health law.

Litigation and Other Advocacy

We represent individuals and organizations in  other civil and administrative proceedings (such as complaints, disputes and investigations, civil litigation related to health law matters, academic discipline and proceedings before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal).

Having practiced almost exclusively in health law since 1999, we have the breadth and depth of experience to guide our clients through any health law matter.

Rosen Sunshine is a proud member of the Toronto Chapter of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms.

About Our Clients

Health Care Professionals
Regulators of Certain Health Professions
Health Care Facilities and Institutions
Professional Associations and other Organizations
Family Health Groups and other Organizations
Individuals and Families

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  • Health Care Law

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