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Representing Clients Nationwide

Pierce & O'Neill is frequently retained by Fortune 500 companies to handle their most significant civil litigation matters. Our clients consist of major companies of all types and in many different industries, including sophisticated energy companies, private corporations, local businesses and individuals. Our clients come from Texas, across the United States and abroad.

Both attorney Jesse Pierce and attorney Jack O'Neill have more than 40 years of courtroom experience trying cases and handling appeals. Although most often retained at the outset of a matter, the firm is frequently asked to substitute as trial counsel before trial, or to step in as appellate counsel on appeal. The firm is widely regarded by clients and peers alike as a "Go-To Law Firm" for high stakes, complex business and energy litigation.

Our Focus Is The Trial And Appeal Of Complex Business And Energy Litigation

Pierce & O'Neill is a litigation "boutique" with a single focus — the devoted representation of clients in significant litigation. There are major differences between litigators who engage primarily in motion practice and those who try cases. We are a firm of trial lawyers.

Our reputation has been built upon results that exceed expectations and our responsive, innovative and common-sense advice. The relentless pursuit of our clients' interests fosters a spirit of cooperation and partnership. We undertake substantial matters on a regular basis for both new and existing clients and place a significant value on our longstanding relationships with our clients, many of which span several decades.

The firm's practice areas include, among others, commercial litigation, oil and gas law, and natural resources litigation. In each of these areas, the firm has achieved recognition at the highest levels.  

Houston-Based, National Scope

Pierce & O'Neill, LLP is a Houston-based civil litigation firm specializing in the trial and appeal of complex business and energy litigation cases in Texas and throughout the United States on behalf of individuals, small companies, corporations and Fortune 500 companies. Whether in a state or federal courtroom or through the arbitration/mediation process, the attorneys at Pierce & O'Neill bring with them the extensive experience, knowledge, resources and sophistication required to prosecute or defend civil litigation matters, regardless of their size or complexity. This tenacity has earned them a reputation for excellence among their clients and peers.

Jesse Pierce and Jack O'Neill formed Pierce & O'Neill with one goal in mind — to establish a boutique trial and appellate firm with a primary focus on complex business and energy litigation. This focused approach has allowed them to concentrate their expertise and knowledge with a specific client base in mind, thereby benefiting their clients with superior representation. Pierce & O'Neill is also committed to providing its clients with the most efficient, cost-effective representation available. The founders believe in investing in the most up-to-date hardware and software available to law firms, as well as employing the highly skilled personnel needed, in order to accomplish this goal.

Both Mr. Pierce and Mr. O'Neill are members of the American Board of Trial Advocates, have been selected for inclusion in Texas Super Lawyers® since its inception in 2003, and have earned AV Preeminent ratings from Martindale-Hubbell.

Committed To Exceeding Client Expectations In Trial And On Appeal

Our established record of success stems from our commitment to trying and appealing complex business and energy matters. In doing so, we regularly exceed client expectations, both in the courtroom and out of it.

Our practice areas include commercial litigation, oil and gas law, and natural resources litigation. In each of these areas, we have achieved recognition at the highest levels as evidenced by our successful handling of the following matters:

  • Defense of Client in the "Desert Storm" Ramstein Air Base C-5A crash litigation
  • Defense of alleged breach of an International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) drilling bid proposal and daywork drilling contract
  • Defense of alleged breach of agreement to purchase nine drilling rigs and top drives
  • Defense of claims of breach of contract, reformation, promissory fraud and loss of bonus payments
  • Defense of suit seeking a declaratory judgment voiding leases in the Barnett Shale; motion for summary judgment granted in favor of Client
  • Defense of contract dispute concerning the supply and removal of caustic soda from a refinery plant in Texas
  • Defense of claims by inventor in design and engineering of HCMOS chip devices

Clients appreciate our responsive, innovative and common-sense legal counsel. For that reason, we proudly boast of client relationships that are measured not in terms of cases, but in terms of decades.

Industry-Experienced, Nationally Respected: Energy Law Attorneys

The attorneys at Pierce & O'Neill, LLP are leaders in the field of energy and natural resources litigation. Offering substantial industry-specific knowledge and formidable trial and appellate experience, we are frequently retained by many of the energy industry's leading participants.

We focus our advocacy and counsel on identifying and minimizing risk, aiming to protect our clients' overall outlook with respect to all types of energy industry matters, including:

  • Lease terminations
  • Disputes among working interest owners
  • Defense of contamination and pollution claims
  • Oil and gas well blowouts
  • Royalty disputes
  • Annexation
  • Interpretation and enforcement of written instruments

In these and other matters, we tailor our advice to the client's specific goals and resources, counseling clients as to what legal strategies are most likely to accomplish these goals. These strategies include negotiation, settlement and trial, among others. As trial lawyers who have tried many cases over our careers, we will never hesitate to take a case to court when it is in our clients' best interests. The following cases are a small sample of our representative cases in this field.

  • Defense of numerous lawsuits alleging breach of contract and fraud stemming from nonpayment of lease signing bonus
  • Defense of claims for breach of contract, failure to develop, declaratory judgment, suit to quiet title, conversion, and trespass by sub-surface intrusion
  • Defense of claims alleging breach of contract/breach of implied covenants and seeking cancellation of oil-and-gas leases
  • Defense of Client in a dispute involving the validity of competing oil and gas leases in the Eagle Ford Shale

Reputed Law Firm Handling Appeals Nationwide: Houston-Based, National Reach

Pierce & O'Neill has earned a strong reputation for arguing and preparing cases at the appellate level. Our appellate practice encompasses many different areas of law, including oil and gas matters, land use disputes and high-stakes commercial litigation. Due to our considerable success and experience in the appellate field, other lawyers regularly seek out our firm when preparing and evaluating their own appellate case strategies.

Jesse Pierce and Jack O'Neill have successfully argued dozens of appeals in state and federal courts across Texas and nationally. Our firm's founders are complemented by numerous skilled attorneys, many of whom draw on relevant industry and regulatory experience.

We represent clients at every stage of the appellate process, including:

  • Briefing and arguing appeals
  • Advising on appellate matters
  • Interlocutory appeals
  • Petitions/applications for rehearing
  • Mandamus proceedings
  • Writs of certiorari
  • Amicus briefs

Recognizing that appeals can be won or lost due on the strength of the appellate brief, we work diligently to develop the arguments that are most likely to resonate with the appellate judges. Our insight and skill, honed over the course of many years, give our clients every opportunity to succeed in appellate litigation. 


  • Global Law Experts - Law Firm of the Year for Natural Resources
  • "Go to Law Firm" of Fortune 500 - Litigation
  • Corporate INTL Law Firm of the Year for Natural Resources
  • "Go to Law Firm" of Fortune 500 - Litigation

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We represent a wide-range of clients from individuals and small companies to international corporations.
Representative clients and references are available upon request.

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  • Natural Resources Law
  • Oil and Gas Law

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