Pechman Law Group represents workers and businesses in workplace disputes. Because our firm represents both employees and management, we have a unique perspective on workplace dynamics. We have advocated for busboys and construction workers, as well as corporate executives and Fortune 500 companies. Our experience with and ability to see all the angles of a dispute has earned us a reputation for resolving difficult cases. Some of our record settlements have made headlines but we are equally proud of those cases that have been resolved without any public drama. Our work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and LawDragon.

At Pechman Law Group, we have assembled a group of seasoned professionals who have the intellectual prowess to analyze complicated legal situations and the practical skills to keep clients out of harm’s way. Handling over a thousand cases has provided an appreciation that although patterns exist, each workplace dispute comes with its own particular challenges. Whether the issue is discrimination, overtime disputes, non-compete agreements, wrongful termination, severance agreements, sex harassment or any other claim involving worker rights or employer responsibilities, we have the experience to assist you meet your goals.

The firm has a special expertise in the restaurant industry and hosts, a website designed to promote awareness about the wage and hour laws in New York so that employees and restaurant owners alike have a greater understanding of their respective rights and obligations.

Pechman Law Group has five Spanish speaking attorneys and our firm website is also available in Spanish at

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