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At Michael, Evrensel & Pawar LLP (MEP Business Counsel), we approach the practice of business law differently. We are on a mission to challenge the inherent inefficiencies typically found in conventional “Big Law” firms, pushing to reject the inflexible and expensive service models found at those firms.

As a guiding principle, we are committed to provide the same high-quality expertise of a top-tier national law firm, but deliver it with the innovation, cost-efficiencies and personal attentiveness you’d expect from dedicated in-house counsel.

As a Canadian corporate and entertainment law firm with extensive international experience, our contemporary model is simple but far from common:

  • World-Class Experience – Our team of highly experienced and award-winning lawyers – with training and experience from internationally recognized firms in London, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Beijing and Vancouver – provide world-class business and entertainment legal services to some of North America’s most notable companies.


  • Client-Centred Approach – Clients now demand more of their legal advisors, which is driving a change in the legal services landscape in Canada, and rightly so. Businesses expect greater value at sensible prices, which is achieved by receiving practical legal advice tailored to advance their goals. At MEP Business Counsel, we have an unwavering commitment to your business, with a goal to provide you with bespoke legal services that put your real needs first.


  • Business-First Thinking – We have a unique combination of established legal expertise and commercial understanding. Effective business counsel should help drive your commercial success by crafting solutions, not by simply identifying constraints. At MEP Business Counsel, we pride ourselves on aligning our advice with your core business objectives, offering solutions to overcome obstacles. After all, we are entrepreneurs in our own right.


  • Flexible Value-Based Pricing and Alternative Fee Arrangements – Your business needs are unique. That’s why MEP Business Counsel is flexible when it comes to pricing and fee arrangements. Unhindered by the rigidity of the conventional “big law” firm model, MEP Business Counsel is able to work with you to respond to those unique demands. Regardless of the fee arrangement, at the core of each of our mandates is a commitment to provide exceptional value and build lasting business relationships.


Marshall Pawar
Managing Partner/Founding Partner
Arthur Evrensel
Founding Partner
Ryan Michael Patryluk
Founding Partner



Men: 4

Of Counsel

Women: 1

Men: 2


Women: 1

Men: 3

Management / Department Heads

Women: 2

Men: 1


Women: 4

Non-Legal Employees

Women: 8


  • Ranked Top 10 Corporate Boutique Law Firms by Canadian Lawyer Magazine 2016-2017
  • Ranked Top 10 Corporate Boutique Law Firms by Canadian Lawyer Magazine 2018-2019
  • Ranked Top 10 Corporate Boutique Law Firms by Canadian Lawyer Magazine 2020-2021


Lori Hart
Director of HR & Operations
604-669-1119 ext. 124
Mashall Pawar
Managing Partner

Firm Practice Areas

  • Corporate Governance Practice
  • Corporate Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Labour and Employment Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Securities Law

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British Columbia

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