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COVID-19 has caused unprecedented challenges on a global and personal scale. Expert lawyers are here to help guide you through these times. Browse lawyers handling COVID-19 cases by first selecting a country from the drop-down below.

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COVID-19 Panel Discussions

Read More on COVID-19

Jury Study Sounds Alarm for Insurance Industry

Christopher W. Martin

Without Congressional action, the years ahead will see a tsunami of suits filed against the insurance industry for COVID-19-related claims. Our intensive surveys shed some disturbing light on potential jurors’ attitudes and perspectives.

No Idle Preference

Joseph Briggett

Amid Covid-19 economic uncertainty, Congress has continued to tinker with the Small Business Reorganization Act. How will the reworked law change bankruptcy preference litigation?

Pandemics and Planning: Lessons Learned

Anthony J. Enea

It's important to be prepared for life-threatening emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are six basic estate planning documents and advanced directives that everyone should have in order to deal with any potential health crisis.

7 Tips on How Lawyers Can Deal With the Fear of Loneliness

Stan Popovich

Sixty-one percent of lawyers ranked above average on the loneliness scale, Now with working from home due to COVID-19, many find the problem exacerbated.

Justice in the Age of COVID-19

Todd A. Smith

Pandemic Creates Sea Change in the Delivery of Justice

Frequently Asked Employment Questions About COVID-19

Greg Mansell

One employment lawyer answers frequently asked questions concerning employment and the Family First Coronavirus Response Act.

A Legal Guide for Businesses During COVID-19

Roy D. Oppenheim

Oppenheim Law creates a useful guide for problems small to medium-sized businesses may face during this time of uncertainty.

The Next Pandemic

Roberta F. Green

An incipient wave of litigation generated by the coronavirus hasn’t even begun to crest. Here’s a look at current conditions—and what lies ahead.

Know This Contract Clause During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Roy D. Oppenheim

Force Majeure clauses are common in most contracts and can prove to be invaluable when determining whether one party’s performance is truly outside of that party’s control.

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Paul Hewett

What will family law look like in the “coronaverse” of 2020 and beyond.

Powering Up

George H. Lugrin IV

Regulation, consumption trends, global population growth, and the pandemic’s many earth-shaking effects make this moment highly uncertain for the upstream-energy industry—and the only way forward is to change with the times.

Expect the Unexpected: COVID-19 and the 2020-21 School Year

Kristiana Butler

Across the country, the decision to open schools back up or not has been on the minds of many. What should parents think about when preparing to send the children back to school or not?

Is It Live . . . Or Is It Virtual?

Adrian L. Bastianelli III, Paulo Flores, Kevin J. O’Connor, and Robert S. Peckar

Mediation via Zoom is just one of the legal-industry oddities the pandemic has wrought. Here’s a cheat sheet for how to make it work for you—and some thoughts on whether it’s here to stay.

How I Adapt to Working From Home

Alexandria Hurst

With the pandemic still ongoing with no end in sight, one lawyer writes about how she stays sane working from home.

Is This a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Refinance Right Now?

Roy D. Oppenheim

If you wish to stay in your current home and refinance or buy a new home, now is the time

Without Delay

Ashish Mahendru and Darren Braun

Remote testimony? Virtual evidence presentation? Been there, done that: Why even international arbitration proceedings have, for the most part, weathered the pandemic just fine.

Workplace Guidelines During a Pandemic

Fisher Phillips

Anxiety and stress levels are rising high during a time of uncertainty like this. Labor and employment firm Fisher Phillips answers employment questions about COVID-19.

What Happens if You Violate the Family First Coronavirus Response Act?

Carrie Dyer

What are the penalties for violating the Family First Coronavirus Response Act, and what are your options if your employer doesn't respect your right as an employee under the act?

What a Time to be in Capital Markets

Best Lawyers

Fernando Vives and Gonzalo García-Fuertes discuss the future of capital markets in the face of a pandemic.

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