By: George AvraamBill WatsonJennifer Bernardo, and Ajanthana Anandarajah

May 28, 2020

As COVID-related restrictions begin to be lifted, employers are properly focused on ensuring that their workplaces and workforces are prepared for reopening. However, there is some suggestion that full or partial reclosings, followed by subsequent reopenings, may need to occur until a vaccine is developed, mass immunity exists, or sufficient treatment methods are implemented. As they plan for reopening, employers should also take this opportunity to reflect on their processes, examine their readiness, and determine what changes are required to seamlessly navigate in a post-COVID environment or a second—or third—wave of COVID-19.

In this last installment of The Canadian Employers’ Reopening Playbook, we identify common challenges employers faced at the onset of the pandemic and provide guidance on how employers can be better prepared to minimize the impact of our changed environment or a subsequent wave of COVID-19. 

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