Frantz Law Group, APLC (FLG) proudly represents victims who have suffered significant losses, injuries and death from tragic wildfires, gas blowouts, catastrophic roadway crashes and dangerous consumer products.

FLG is one of the most widely recognized powerhouse litigation/trial law firms in the United States. For more than 40 years, FLG has achieved winning jury verdicts and settlements in the billions of dollars for thousands of victims nationwide.[1] FLG’s stellar legal work has also helped shape national public safety policy and regulation.[2]

“Following an injury, victims are understandably concerned about their health and may not realize that they have various legal rights,” says Frantz. “We approach every case—whether representing one individual or a large group of plaintiffs—acknowledging how important their lives are and that we are available to fight for justice and seek compensation on their behalf to hold the negligent wrongdoer accountable.”  

The firm’s humble beginnings date back to the late 1970s, when FLG opened its first office. Today, FLG has 16 lawyers and 30 employees as well as 12 office locations in California. FLG’s award-winning and dedicated trial team have achieved amazing results that positively impact tens of thousands of Americans.

FLG’s success is largely attributable to its four decades of accumulated experience in litigation and trial advocacy. For example, after conducting extensive discovery in a complex case, Frantz Law Group typically assembles a mock trial and presents evidence from the plaintiff and defense side of the case. During the mock trial, the mock jury provides their impression of the quality, clarity and persuasiveness of the evidence presented through written questionnaire responses. After hearing argument from the plaintiff and defense (in the form of opening and closing arguments) and reviewing the most significant evidence, as well as the Jury Instructions and Special Verdict Form, the mock jury verdict is rendered. The mock jury’s analysis and findings guide the firm to more precisely understand how effectively to present the evidence and witnesses to get the best possible outcome. The end result is that Frantz Law Group achieves a much keener understanding of the particular nuances and issues present in the case prior to the actual trial, thereby providing the winning edge. 

Vaping Litigation

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, FLG continues to fight for significant positive change statewide and nationally with multi-billion dollar litigation claims against vaping giants JUUL Labs, Inc. and Altria.

FLG currently represents more than 500 school districts and charter schools (comprising 20,000 schools and approximately 1 million students) in 32 states. This litigation seeks, in part, monetary damages and injunctive relief against the defendants for wrongfully targeting minors (and adults) with alleged false advertising leading to serious physical injury and nicotine addiction.

“There are nearly one million high school students who vape daily and studies have demonstrated that the developing adolescent brain is particularly vulnerable to addiction to nicotine,” Frantz notes. “We investigated further and learned before and during the litigation that JUUL and its co-defendants have, in many cases, directly and indirectly targeted minors as young as eight years old. Of great concern are the alleged life changing injuries, including permanent cognitive impairment, lung disease and severe addiction to nicotine in young people as well as the logical potential outcome of vaping addiction leading to tobacco cigarette smoking. Frantz Law Group strives to do everything within its power to protect the community, the administration of education as well as children and adults from this egregious vaping epidemic that is causing so much widespread harm.”

With respect to the litigation on behalf of its school district clientele, FLG seeks to hold defendants accountable for the significant health costs and additional educational costs incurred to deter vaping. These damages also include installing vape detection systems needed for schools to monitor and help mitigate vaping on campuses and funding that is needed for establishing anti-vaping educational and medical rehabilitation outreach.

Opioid Litigation

Similarly, the opioid epidemic has ravaged communities throughout the United States, including taking the lives of thousands of teenagers and young adults. FLG is seeking to hold the opioid manufacturers and distributors accountable to school districts nationwide. These school districts are seeking the necessary financial resources to mitigate the opioid epidemic with respect to its students and staff as well as restitution for all costs to the districts for monitoring and mitigating opioid use on and off campus.

“We're seeking to hold these opioid and vaping manufacturers and distributors accountable for causing the opioid and vaping crises that have so negatively and harmfully impacted youth and the administration of education in school districts across the country,” Frantz states.

Wildfire Litigation

For the past 15 years, wildfire victims have sought FLG’s legal assistance in the aftermath of fires caused by public utility negligence. FLG is nationally recognized for its specialized experience in representing victims of wildfires caused by poorly maintained utility equipment.[1] The firm currently represents nearly 6,000 wildfire victims against PG&E, Southern California Edison, Liberty Utilities, and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for losses arising from the 2017 North Bay Fires, the 2017 Thomas Fire and Montecito Mudslide, the 2018 Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire, the 2019 Getty, Kincade, and Saddleridge fires and the 2020 Mountain View, Slater and Bobcat fires as well as the recent Dixie Fire caused by public utility negligence and recklessness.

“We always try to put our clients’ interests first and foremost and lead with empathy as many are displaced and dealing with great hardship after losing their homes, everything they own and, in many cases, losing loved ones. We take great pride and joy in watching our clients heal, recover and finally rebuild their homes and move on with their lives upon final resolution of their cases,” says Frantz.


[1] Case results mentioned herein, even if just general statements of recoveries, are not intended to be a guarantee or prediction of results in any other matters.  Each case is dependent on its particular facts. 
[2] FLG’s role in the litigation against the manufacturers and distributors of the dangerous dietary supplement Ephedra was a significant factor with respect to the United States Food and Drug Administration’s final decision to permanently ban the sale of ephedra-based dietary supplements. Mr. Frantz provided congressional testimony concerning factual findings (determined by the Court in FLG’s $18.5M verdict against ephedra manufacturers) that ephedra alkaloids were unsafe and responsible for causing numerous serious injuries and deaths across the nation. Five months after Mr. Frantz’s congressional testimony, testimony from his clients, and testimony of prominent medical experts, ephedra alkaloids were permanently banned across the United States

[3] FLG and other plaintiffs’ counsel represented San Diego fire victims (from 2007-2013) for significant loss of property and life ($2 billion obtained) against public utility SDG&E/Sempra Energy as a result of SDG&E’s negligent maintenance and inspection of its utilities at the origins of the fires (FLG represented 2,200 victims). Case results mentioned herein, as well as aspirations for future recoveries, are not intended to be a guarantee or prediction of results in any other matters.  Each case is dependent on its particular facts.