On Tuesday, June 16th at 12 noon, Roy Oppenheim will host his 14th consecutive weekly Zoom at Noon webinar where approximately 150 attendees gather each week to participate in the webinar that has chronicled the impact that COVID-19 is having on the various aspects of human life both locally and internationally, particularly focusing on real estate and legal matters.

Oppenheim is best known for having his firm represent thousands of homeowners during the Great Recession, his live seminars, and the South Florida Law Blog.

TIME SENSITIVE WEBINAR ANNOUNCED: How Covid-19 Is Actually Making The Courts “Better”

This coming Tuesday, Judge Dennis Bailey of the 17th Judicial Circuit of Broward County, Florida will be the special guest on the webinar series. Judge Bailey made headlines when he openly critiqued how attorneys were improperly dressed for court hearings that had moved from in-person to Zoom electronic videoconferencing due to the pandemic.

As Oppenheim explains “the aim of this week’s is to explain how Covid-19 has fundamentally changed our legal system and explain how those changes will impact the community, including the public, lawyers and other people involved in the judicial system.” Judge Bailey and Mr. Oppenheim will be addressing how COVID-19 has turned the legal system on its head, and in some ways, brought the courthouse keys closer to the community.

Oppenheim added, “Judge Bailey is a thought leader, and has been exceptionally candid about his perspective.” Oppenheim Law’s, free weekly webinars entitled “ Zoom at Noon” are held on Tuesdays.


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Some Clips of Judge Bailey’s headlines:










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