BL2022-Midwest-OTW-Rochelle Clarke

Rochelle Clarke – Plunkett Cooney, P.C. – Troy, MI

I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I obtain a good result—whether it be a favorable ruling on a dispositive motion or negotiating a favorable settlement—for my clients.

BL2022-Midwest-OTW-Andrew P. Guran

Andrew P. Guran – Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP – Akron, OH

The most rewarding part of litigation is discovering new and unique ways to resolve clients’ problems in the most efficient and effective way possible. The most difficult aspect of litigation is keeping pace with the always evolving legal technologies—it is important to keep yourself privy of new advancements and work closely with your legal project and information technology teams.

BL2022-Midwest-OTW-Alex W. Karasik

Alex W. Karasik – Seyfarth Shaw LLP – Chicago, IL

I relish the opportunity to help businesses navigate complex legal challenges by finding cost-effective solutions. No two employment law cases are the same, but each requires a thorough examination of the factual circumstances as well as the goals of the client.  Whether it is a “bet the company” class action or a single-plaintiff discrimination claim, it is rewarding to help a company reach a resolution that allows it to shift its focus back to accomplishing its business goals. Employment litigation often includes factual allegations that can be salacious, and coupled with complex legal theories, these claims can be challenging for a business to confront. I enjoy the challenge of balancing business needs and interpersonal relationships to tailor solutions to each individual client.

BL2022-Midwest-OTW-Evgeny Magidenko

Evgeny Magidenko – Schiff Hardin LLP – Ann Arbor, MI

Tax law is constantly changing, and being a tax generalist, I work with a wide variety of clients and matters. This makes each day different and provides constant learning opportunities, all while helping my clients comply with their tax obligations and, should they run into problems, resolving those issues effectively and efficiently. What makes tax law challenging is also what makes it rewarding—its constant change necessitates constant vigilance.  New developments arrive on almost a daily basis, and, to be an effective advisor to clients, a tax lawyer must stay apprised of those changes.  The result, of course, is that no day is dull in the life of your average tax practitioner!

BL2022-Midwest-OTW-Ryan M. Olson

Ryan M. Olson – Bodman PLC – Troy, MI

What I find most rewarding about practicing M&A is the gratitude from clients when I help successfully close a transaction that takes several months and many long hours to complete. When clients see my dedication and hard-work first-hand and acknowledge a job well done, that is very rewarding. For me, the most challenging part of practicing M&A is time management. I have to manage a large workload, prioritize transactions based on time sensitivity, constantly field questions from clients and partners, attend meetings, network and develop client relationships, all while raising a family and trying to find time to sleep. Proper time management is a daily challenge, but it is necessary to be successful and happy.

BL2022-Midwest-OTW-Ashley B. Watson

Ashley B. Watson – Brennan, Manna & Diamond – Akron, OH

I got into the practice of law to help others, and I really can do that through my healthcare law practice. I work with a wide range of providers, from individual practitioners to hospitals to federally qualified health centers, so I deal with a wide array of legal issues. No matter the task, my work can help a provider retain their license, increase reimbursement or obtain grant funding that is needed to help the community. I value my role as a small part of the support system that keeps our healthcare providers moving forward. Even prior to COVID-19 the healthcare system and its laws and regulations changed frequently. Now, the laws affecting healthcare providers and healthcare systems changes seemingly every day. Keeping up with the most current information and differentiating what is important and impactful from what is not is the most challenging aspect of my practice right now. Though this is a challenge, it also means that no day is boring and there is always plenty of work to do. So I appreciate the challenges as they arise.

BL2022-Midwest-OTW-Davida S. Williams

Davida S. Williams – Green Espel PLLC – Minneapolis, MN

There’s no better feeling than arguing cases that can substantially impact the way businesses operate by ensuring markets remain fair and competitive.  That’s the thrill of practicing antitrust and competition law. To be a successful antitrust attorney, you have to be willing to learn the ins and outs of different, and often niche, business industries.  It’s challenging work, but very rewarding.

BL2022-Midwest-OTW-Alexandre M. Zucco

Alexandre M. Zucco – Dickinson Wright PLLC – Grand Rapids, MI

What I love most about estate planning is actively engaging clients on what can appear to be a morbid and monotonous task by making the process both enjoyable and rewarding. It is so satisfying to see clients experience the peace of mind that comes from putting an estate plan in place that covers all of their goals, that they truly understand and that they know can be adapted over time as life unfolds. I embrace the challenge of keeping up on the constantly evolving changes in the law that affect estate planning, as such changes often create new planning opportunities that can be presented to clients and improve their estate plans, whether that is by simplifying what they already have in place, or exploring new and different ways to add to their planning.