One of the primary beliefs at Best Lawyers is that the best lawyers truly know who the best lawyers are. This was the guiding principle behind our inception 40 years ago, and it remains forefront of our methodology today.

The lists Best Lawyers curates offer the finest legal experts worldwide to those seeking representation, meeting the significant need for trusted legal services from the most esteemed lawyers. In the United Kingdom, we are entering our 11th Edition, a cycle that begins with the most critical component: nominations. For the 2023 Edition of The Best Lawyers in the United Kingdom, we are now accepting nominations for our newest list, Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in the United Kingdom.

Originating in 2020 in the United States, Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch is the newest peer-reviewed list of lawyers produced by Best Lawyers, which has expanded with lists in four countries and three more being added this year. Much like The Best Lawyers in the United Kingdom, the 2023 Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in the United Kingdom list will continue to represent the prestige and talent of the United Kingdom’s top lawyers, selected through a confidential and thorough peer-review process.

Nominees for Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in the United Kingdom should be in private practice with at least three years of qualified experience in the industry. Lawyers, firm representatives, clients and business associates from other fields outside of law are encouraged to submit nominations for any outstanding professionals in the legal field.

Submitting nominations is a simple, quick process that can be done with just a few easy steps.

Awards like Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch are important for many reasons. Elizabeth Petit, Director of Research & Development and Manager Editor at Best Lawyers, explains: “The legal industry needs these awards because there are fantastic lawyers doing great work as associates and special counsel. You do not just become great at your job once you are named partner, you have to have shown excellent results all along the way. We are proud to highlight those lawyers and help them distinguish their work from their peers. Clients also can feel good about selecting a specific lawyer who has third-party verification for their own needs.”

Lawyers work hard, not only to begin their careers but to sustain their practices. The need for strong, powerful representation is great, and the scope of work that lawyers do for their clients is critical. Acknowledging this dedication is paramount, and awards like Best Lawyers and Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch are career highlights for many legal professionals. Honoring the best lawyers in the industry not only serves these hardworking individuals but provides guidance to those in need, often during the most vulnerable times in our lives. The best lawyers know who the best lawyers are, and we invite you to share your recommendations with us today!

Click here to submit your 2023 Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in the United Kingdom nominations today. Nominations will be accepted until 21 January 2022.