Need a Foreclosure Attorney Miami, FL? Find a unique Foreclosure Attorney law firm near Miami. If you are living in Broward or even Miami-Dade counties, there are alternatives with Foreclosure Attorneys in Miami Dade. 

How To Stop Foreclosure Immediately?

Are you a client in search of a foreclosure attorney in Miami?  If you are you facing foreclosure or think you may default on a mortgage, then you need to understand why a foreclosure  defense attorney near Miami may be for you. Loss mitigation options may include repayment plans, reinstatement, forbearance, short sale, loan modification, deed in lieu of foreclosures, or defending the foreclosure claim.

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To find and hire a local foreclosure lawyer to inform you about the best course of action to take, use sites like

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To choose the best lawyer for your case, you may wish to consider the following: Credentials-Obtain the full information of how long the attorney has practiced and the experience in handling matters such as yours. Comfort level-  You need to be open and honest with your lawyer. Location Many times, hearings may be done telephonically; nevertheless, you may consider the lawyer’s office location.  Cost-  As an educated consumer, you should understand the fees and costs involved in your particular matter.

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What To Look For in Profiles In A Foreclosure Attorney

Profiles on the internet that are suitable for finding a good lawyer for you should have the following information, office location, the structure of payment, office hours and the firm’s area of law. Such profiles include training and education, biography and the client recommendations.

Other questions you may ask, before hiring, a lawyer include the number of cases (s)he has handled like yours; who at the firm will be handling your matter, and how often you will be notified as to the status of your matter.

Why You Might Want Representation Elsewhere

Fort Lauderdale foreclosure defense attorneys can be recommended to handle foreclosure defense cases throughout the State of Florida. Weston foreclosure defense attorneys  are in the same vicinity as Fort Lauderdale with easy access to not only Palm Beach and Broward counties and especially  Miami-Dade.

Why Do Foreclosures Seem To Be Increasing ?

Major reasons why there is an increase in the number of homeowners are falling behind on their mortgages are a loss of income because of loss of job, increased property taxes, which in turn increases property insurance, and high mortgage payments because of rising interest rates. Homeowners that have equity lines, variable mortgages and a negative amortized mortgage are seeing mortgage payments rise due to higher interest rates.

In case you fall behind on your payments, you may wish to first communicate with your creditors before they proceed to file a foreclosure. You stand a chance of entering a work-out and prevent yourself from owing the bank attorney’s cost and fees that they will charge.

Regardless of what you do, seek out a competent preferred attorney to assess your situation. Should you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment,contact us 954-384-6114.

Why Oppenheim Law For Your Miami Foreclosure Attorney

Founded in 1989 by a husband and wife legal team, Oppenheim Law is uniquely positioned as one of Florida’s leading boutique law firms in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, serving national, international, and local clients. We are one of the leading real estate law firms, but have diversified as experienced advocates in a wide range of areas. The Firm is proud to have the highest rating (AV) conferred by Martindale Hubbell® Law Directory, the most respected directory of lawyers and law firms in the U.S. In addition, the firm, through Roy Oppenheim, commands the highest rating from AVVO, a 10.0., the largest web-based attorney directory service in the U.S.

The Firm’s practice areas include real estate and business related matters, consumer rights, commercial litigation, foreclosure, employment and contract law, and health law. The Firm is counsel to a myriad of residential and commercial developers, and homeowners associations, coordinating all legal related matters. The Firm is also involved with various high-profile nationwide class actions on behalf of consumers.

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Oppenheim Law is located in Fort Lauderdale with convenient freeway access to better serve our real estate and foreclosure clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, WPB and the entire state of Florida.

Oppenheim Law | Foreclosure Attorneys
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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33331
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He founded Oppenheim Law in 1989 with his wife Ellen Pilelsky and uniquely positioned the Firm as one of Florida’s leading boutique law firms in Weston, Florida. In addition, in 1994, he co-founded Weston Title & Escrow, the oldest title company in Weston, Florida, and he currently serves as its Vice President.

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