Ukraine, March 2020

Since his appointment on March 4th, new Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal has continued to form the new government, with just a few members of the previous Cabinet of Oleksiy Honcharuk retaining their offices. This means foreign businesses will have to adjust significantly their communications channels with the authorities.

The Government reshuffle sees the formation of a new power structure in Ukraine, focused on the Office of the President as the main center of decision-making. The new Cabinet has become more technocratic and autonomous, but at the same time more loyal to President Zelensky and key members of his team.

The increase in President Zelensky's team's autonomy has seen a parallel reduction in the influence of Western institutions and NGOs. Simultaneously, local influence groups are emerging as key new political partners of the President.

For further details on the new Government and what these changes mean for public affairs practice in Ukraine, please see the following memo.