Dussias Wittenberg Koenigsberger LLP (“DWK”) has built its reputation on helping high net worth clients protect what they value most.  The firm continues to grow through the referrals of our clients and by recruiting top legal talent to join our practice.

While conventional wisdom has long held that family law practices should keep their work separate from the realm of business law, we know that the complex ownership structures entrepreneurial ventures, estate planning and dual-career families of the 21st century defy these conventions.  Our attorneys draw on backgrounds in in accounting, finance, business valuation, and taxation to take a business-minded approach to complex family matters, while never losing sight of the emotional side of our clients’ experience through the process.  

Led by principals Dean S. Dussias, Steven G. Wittenberg, and Michael F. Koenigsberger, our firm was founded to work differently, taking an approach suited to today’s executives, business owners and other high-profile families for whom work life and personal passions are very much intertwined.  We do not organize ourselves into departments or practices, leaving you to figure out who you’re supposed to call with a certain question or passing you from lawyer to lawyer depending on the matter at hand.  Instead, at the outset, we create teams of the right size and the right combination of skills to handle exactly what you are facing and set up a communication system that provides easy access to your team.

We are bound by a common philosophy and approach.  We’ve known each other for a long time, both personally and professionally: first, as formidable competitors and, now, as partners and friends.  Each of us has always been inclined to take on the most financially complex, challenging cases and to approach them with a rigorous business mindset: focusing on what’s fair without being unnecessarily contentious.  We bring that ethos of level-headedness and mutual respect to managing the firm and serving clients together.