How important is data to your law firm? According to a report published by enterprise analytics firm Microstrategy, 94 percent of enterprises say data and analytics are important when it comes to the growth and transformation of their businesses. And while the legal industry as a whole has been late to harness the power of data, firms and attorneys ranked by Best Lawyers have the unique opportunity to leverage data we've garnered on the top 5 percent of the nation's legal talent with BL Intelligence reports.

Best Lawyers 2021 by the Numbers:

Every year we gather and vet valuable industry intelligence on the top 5 percent of legal talent, nationwide, from where they are practicing to the areas of law they serve.


Best Lawyers 27th Edition Stats

(Data accurate as of August 19, 2020)

This year, we’ve expanded our research to include attorneys with five to nine years of legal experience with the release of Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch.

 Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch First Edition Stats

(Data accurate as of August 19, 2020)

Best Lawyers Intelligence

Interested in knowing where your firm stands? Best Lawyers works with firms to custom-build data-driven reports that provide actionable insight on opportunities for growth, marketing, and talent acquisition.

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