Vergara Galindo Correa Abogados SpA is a Chilean law firm that develops its activity in matters related to the environment, energy and natural resources. The firm offers highly specialized and reliable counselling to clients, on matters that range from strategic support in project design to environmental assessment, project implementation, compliance, enforcement, litigation -including industrial and environmental crime- and public law. The firm is also noted for negotiating with relevant regulatory authorities and communities.

VGC Abogados provides its services to a diverse array of industries, such as mining, agribusiness, forestry, cement, energy, infrastructure and sanitary, among others. VGC Abogados´s lawyers collaborate with in-house teams and technical practitioners to provide broad legal advice on environmental processes, as well as risk management strategies. The firm’s lawyers are available and accessible, providing timely responses, and hands on advice. They are very involved in the whole process, fully prepared to participate in multidisciplinary teams promoting collaborative work, and creative solutions, working hand in hand with one other.

From the outset, VGC Abogados has participated in the most important projects nationwide, being recognized as one of the most prominent firms in the country.

Currently VGC Abogados has seven partners: Javier Vergara, Mario Galindo, Eduardo Correa, José Luis Fuenzalida, Cecilia Urbina, Pablo Ortiz and Winston Albuquerque.

Some of the services provided by VGC Abogados are:

  • Review and strategic support in the environmental assessment of projects, environmental management instruments, territorial planning instruments and general instructions of the Superintendency of the Environment.
  • Advice on preventive environmental compliance, both in the framework of internal evaluations of deviations from environmental or regulatory requirements, as well as in the framework of environmental inspection processes by the Environmental Superintendency.
  • Strategic accompaniment, legal advice and defense in sanction proceedings initiated by the Environmental Superintendency.
  • Review of the applicability of environmental and sectoral permits for projects, constructions and infrastructure and/or existing activities, as well as support in the periodic updating of permit matrices and in strategic definitions for the processing of these permits.
  • Processing and obtaining environmental and sectorial permits.
  • Elaboration of environmental due diligence and permits.
  • Advice on sanitary, municipal, road, industrial safety, water, electricity, fuels, forestry, aggregates, archeology, maritime, land occupation, use of coastal areas and indigenous issues.
  • Advice on negotiation and conflict management processes with stakeholders, communities and community organizations.
  • Analysis of environmental and sectorial regulations, as well as updating and analysis of environmental or sectorial jurisprudence applicable to the activity in case.
  • Advice and assistance in administrative and judicial litigation.
  • Litigation at the Constitutional Court.
  • Preliminary analysis of possible risks that could lead to legal and administrative proceedings.
  • Integral Advising on the relations generated with the organs of the State administration.
  • Legal and strategic support in actions and proceedings with government agencies and the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic.
  • Analysis and strategic planning of water use rights in all types of projects.
  • Obtaining and perfecting water use rights before administrative and judicial agencies.
  • Legal reports, preparation of title studies and advice in bidding processes and acquisition of water use rights.
  • Comprehensive advice on all matters related to mining, from the initial exploration phase, development, project operation, mine closures and related aspects.
  • Processing of mining property and mining lawsuits, obtaining and processing of permits and authorizations from regulatory agencies.
  • Legal support in the design and execution of real estate projects.
  • Support in project management in the institutional, public and private sectors.
  • Constituent Process. Follow-up of the work of the Constituent Convention on environmental and natural resources issues.

Key Clients: BHP Billiton - Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi - CODELCO - SQM - Minera Los Pelambres - Antofagasta Minerals - Empresa Portuaria de San Antonio - Empresa Portuaria de Valparaíso - CMPC Celulosa S.A. - SODEXO - Salmones Blumar - Australis Seafoods S.A. - Grupo Aguas - ENEL - AES ANDES.

Some testimonials: "Always up-to-date on environmental regulations and relevant rulings, which allows us to trust their recommendations and solutions proposed.

"The best around for environmental and regulatory matters.‘

Very good relationships with all the client’s stakeholders.”

Management & Demographics
Management & Personnel
  • Agrosuper
  • Alto Maipo SpA
  • Antofagasta Minerals
  • Australis Seafoods S.A.
  • BHP Biliton
  • CMPC Celulosa S.A.
  • Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi
  • Empresa Portuaria de San Antonio
  • Empresa Portuaria de Valparaíso
  • ENEL
  • Grupo Aguas
  • Minera Los Pelambres
  • Salmones Blumar
  • SQM
  • Telefónica
  • Viña Concha y Toro
María Eugenia Armisen

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  • Administrative and Public Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Energy Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Land Use and Zoning Law
  • Litigation
  • Mining Law
  • Natural Resources Law
  • Water Law

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Law Firm of the Year Badge for 2022 Chile Law Firm of the Year Badge for 2019 Chile Law Firm of the Year Badge for 2017 Chile
Law Firm of the Year Awards
  • Environmental Law in Chile (2022)
  • Environmental Law in Chile (2019)
  • Environmental Law in Chile (2017)
Top Listed overall Awards
  • Top Listed in Chile in Environmental Law with 8 lawyers
Top Listed city Awards
  • Top Listed in Santiago in Environmental Law with 8 lawyers
  • Mario Galindo "Lawyer of the Year 2020" for his work in Environmental Law.
  • Javier Vergara "Lawyer of the Year 2019" for his work in Environmental Law.
  • VGC "Firm of the Year 2019", for his work in Environmental Law.
  • VGC Top Ranked Chambers Latin America 2020 for his job in Environmental Law.
  • Pablo Ortiz "International Advisory Experts Award 2019" for his work in Criminal Law.
  • VGC Top Ranked Chambers Latin America 2019 for his job in Environmental Law.
  • VGC Top Ranked Chambers Global 2019: Energy & Natural Resources: Mining in Chile.
  • Winston Alburquenque, Top Ranked Chambers Global 2019: Energy & Natural Resources: Mining in Chile

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