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Our partnership was founded on the common belief in our ability to provide the quality and services expected of a large firm, while offering our clients the benefits of a small firm environment. We are a litigation firm, with extensive experience in handling a broad variety of large and complex disputes, both inside and outside the courtroom. We also have expertise in commercial arbitration, mediation and risk management.

We believe that the best reference is the ongoing confidence and support of our clients. We are national trial counsel for Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. We are proud to act on behalf of a number of sophisticated multi-national corporations, including: Kia Canada Inc., Nissan Canada Inc., Cessna Aircraft Company, Celanese Corporation and Domtar Inc. While a large part of our practice is devoted to general commercial litigation, we have developed practice concentrations in the automotive and commercial insurance industries and in the areas of product liability, risk management and transnational disputes.

We believe that good lawyers must balance passion and creativity with common sense. Our firm is committed to always evaluating whether a particular issue or matter is worth fighting, or whether there may be a simpler, more direct, way to achieve our client’s goals. We find ways to simplify complex matters, and clearly define our client’s goals while always working to manage costs. In our view, the practice of law should be service-oriented with a focus on providing practical and cost-effective solutions. Effective legal representation involves a partnership with our clients.

We recognize the significant impact technology can provide and we leverage our firm's information technology in the areas of litigation support, file management, and knowledge management systems, to deliver our services efficiently. We have been a leader at integrating technology into the practice of law. We invest the intellectual and financial capital to continually develop and implement systems and procedures that incorporate technology into our every day practice. We look for ways in which our IT systems will help make us practice better and more efficiently, with the goal of cutting costs while maintaining the highest standards of professional services.

We have a fully digital practice, which means that all members of the team are kept up to date, can quickly review the electronic file to determine the status of issues, and are always able to respond promptly to a client’s requests. We have a document management centre that allows our firm to manage physical and electronic documents at rates equal to or less than third party providers, with the added benefit of superior quality control. We believe that our knowledge and effort should be shared with our clients; therefore, as part of our client-focused approach, terminal software systems have been implemented to allow our clients remote access to documents and their related databases, through litigation management software.

Our desire is to be judged on the basis of our skill and experience, as demonstrated by our professional accomplishments, peer recognition, client satisfaction and ongoing performance.

We believe the best results come from a careful balance of creative thinking, applied legal knowledge and sound business sense. This is how we seek to differentiate our services, by using each of these elements in order to deliver practical and effective solutions to difficult and complex problems.

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Insurance Law

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