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Mediation is increasingly becoming more than merely an “Alternative”.  It is a primary method of resolving disputes in a system where well over 90% of cases do not get tried or fully litigated.  Jerry Weiss was the first Cleveland lawyer to dedicate his practice to commercial mediation and other ADR-related services.  He has mediated and has developed expertise in a wide variety of disputes and subject matter during the past 23-plus years during which he founded MEDIATION INC and he now provides services to a regional and national clientele. 

Jerry came to professional mediation after decades of hands-on experience in alternative dispute resolution.  In addition to his considerable experience as a trial lawyer, he has participated in federal projects related to early intervention and mediation and continues to teach alternative dispute resolution. He has a strong foundation in knowing how and when mediation works and where its use is appropriate.  Shortly after forming MEDIATION INC in 2000, he related that “….the data supports the fact that parties and their representatives would rather self-determine the outcome of their disputes, than cast their fates to the difficulties and uncertainties of the litigation process. I have come to a point in my career where helping disputants as a facilitator and peacemaker feels good. This is a natural transition for me. It fits my personality. It's gratifying to see my work result in handshakes and good relations between former adversaries instead of the acrimony that may result from protracted litigation”.

Jerry has developed a reputation as an astute problem solver who is able to help parties resolve the most complex, high stakes and deep-rooted disputes. His peers recognize that he truly understands mediation as the art form that it is by his utilization of intuition, adaptation, listening and creative skills. He is relied on by his peers for his knowledge, experience and the judgment that comes with it. Mr. Weiss is recognized in Best Lawyers in America and Ohio Super Lawyers, the current edition for ADR and was inducted as a Distinguished Fellow in the International Academy of Mediators (IAM), the leading professional organization for active mediators worldwide and is the only Cleveland mediator to receive this recognition.  He was recognized as Best Lawyers'© 2013 Cleveland Mediation "Lawyer of the Year".

Mr. Weiss points out that available statistics demonstrate that a vast majority of lawsuits are settled without trial and at a much later time and significantly greater costs than mediated resolution would entail. "Mediation is no longer the alternative it once was.  It finds itself at the center of dispute resolution.  Deservedly so.  The fact is that parties want to sit down and try to iron the issues out at an earlier point and in a less formal environment. They want to be heard, which most times doesn’t happen in lawsuits. Mediation and the services provided by MEDIATION INC afford them and their legal representatives that opportunity."





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